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Thread: September 2021 Loaders - Sassies

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    Samster, I can see your POV about wasting yolks. I buy egg whites in cartons and measure them out. That way, I don't throw away food. Most grocery stores and Costco stock egg whites.
    I live in Australia, and I always thought this was a USA thing (I did live in California for a few years) but I've just searched online and apparently it does exist in some grocery stores here, although not widely stocked. I'll go for a hunt. In the meantime, it doesn't seem like it's affecting my losses too much, but I guess it's always a case of never knowing how big my losses could have been had I been POP. But I have been fastidious about no creams or any other accidental/incidental fats to hopefully offset it. My poor skin is not happy with just mineral oil but it can deal with it for another 30ish days or so.

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    Samster, I would guess whole eggs are just fine, if you can't find pre-packaged whites. Those are so commonly available here, that I forgot that isn't the case everywhere.

    The US has such a distorted food industry: the gov't put out guidelines over the last 30 - 40 years that totally messed us up. First, it was eat dairy and grain, because we produce a lot of both; then it was the low-fat directive, then the introduction of high fructose corn syrup. Every pre-packaged food seems to have sugar- there are over 40 names for sugar! - plus lots of stuff I can't pronounce. People are so much fatter than when I was a kid!

    My family was always thin, but I had knee problems + menopause at the same time, and put on weight for over 10 years. Getting a high A1c reading finally pushed me to research and find HCG - thank goodness! Plus I switched to a whole foods ketogenic diet, and avoid the hidden sugars and starches.

    Sorry to hijack your post to rant!

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    Just checking in before month is over.
    Returned from Southlake TX with a successful event but my eating off kilter. Up 2.6 lbs from last Wednesdays weigh in but still under LIW (barely). Started not to weigh today thinking i will wait till i eat clean. That is a trap. Bit the bullet and stepped on scale to be accountable to myself. That act will make me eat clean next few days and hopefully reduce the lbs.
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