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Thread: 40-day round of HCG eating only meat? (carnivore / lion diet influenced)

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    40-day round of HCG eating only meat? (carnivore / lion diet influenced)

    **** Yes I'm familiar with the original protocol and what may happen if going off of it, I've been on this forum for 10+ years, that being said:

    I've decided to do a 40-day round, cutting out everything except the protein portions.

    I'll only be eating 3.5oz/100 grams of meat per day for P2.

    For P3, I know I'm supposed to eat 1,500 calories for 3 weeks, just to clarify, it no longer has to be lean meat correct? Fatty meat is now ok?

    If anyone has any thoughts or other guidance on doing a 100% meat-based HCG round let me know, please?

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    Haven't been around in a long time. Starting a new round myself. Sorry for the very late reply but...

    My suggestion would be to look into HCG 2.0 and follow their recommendations for amount of protein. Two servings at 3.5oz would be too little. In 2.0, I get around 750 calories of protein per day and that is plenty. I am basically carnivore in my approach albeit not purely. I do AG1 in the morning and very little vegetables beyond that. My staples are boiled shrimp, grilled salmon, smoked catfish, grilled grass fed hamburger patties, homemade jerky for snacks. Treat meals are small grilled filet mignon or smoked pork loin chops. Many meals on phase 2 are meat only. I really don't like messing with vegetables. AG1 give me all the nutrients I would otherwise need from vegetables anyway. Have done very well with this.

    I am going to use more of a carnivore approach in phase 3 and 4.


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