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Thread: Checking in

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    Checking in

    This board seems to be a little dead lately. Not a complaint, just an observation.

    But that is the nature of a community like this. Mainly people show up when they are on protocol only. Once off protocol, it is good to live life. But that usually brings us back to the protocol to bring things back under control. So like many others around here, I come back by to share my story and see how everybody is doing now that my mind and attention is back on protocol.

    Which leads me to where I am today.

    My last round was a 23 day course in July. Did very well. Got down to 210lbs. Again. Once again, had a very hard time maintaining at that weight in P3. My body has a hard time staying there. Instead, it wants to be in the 215 range. Over time, I lose my grip on things a bit, some old eating habits creep in little by little and the weight creeps up. This happens every time. So my weight ended up where it really likes to be, which is around 225. Then a vacation, some more good times then Thanksgiving weekend and I am sitting at 232.

    On my journey to an all around better well being, I decided that tennis could not be my source of fitness. It is just something I do that happens to burn a lot of calories. it is also hard on the body. So I added a weight lifting and flexibility training regimen beginning early November. I am sure adding muscle added a little weight but most of it was my own doing.

    So, my wife and I are back on our second annual pre-christmas round. I love the timing of this. I load Thanksgiving weekend, then while everybody is out having fun and expanding their waists with holiday fun foods and drinks, I am ahead of the game. So when everybody else dutifully begins their New Year's resolutions, I am already done. That is the plan at least.

    Things are different this round. My wife and I both picked up covid-19 at our Thanksgiving celebration. So from day 2 of loading through the first week, I was either sick with covid or quarantined at home. I was very sick on loading day 2, a little less sick on VLCD 1 and less and less the rest of the week. Loss of smell and fatigue was with me for the entire week. But the protocol went on just fine. Especially so considering the fact that I did not have much of an appetite the first week. The weight came off more than past rounds. But the second week once I was well have been a stall-fest. Most of last week, I was stalled around 220. Dropped 2 pounds Thursday morning, a half pound Friday morning, then the scale has been stuck at 218 ever since. I have been around the block in terms of this protocol so I am well aware that the scale isn't the end all or be all. But all things equal, it is far better to watch the numbers on the scale get lower every day. I also remembered this morning that my last BM was like last Thursday. Oops. Yes, that has been addressed. Hopefully the scale will be my friend tomorrow.

    But here is the cool thing. My body is getting progressively smaller. A couple of years ago, I hit last dose day weighing 218lbs. My measurements (Hip, waist, thigh) were 38", 34.5", 22.5". This morning, I was at 218 with another week to go and my measurements are 35", 33", 21". That is amazing. My ending measurements from my last round were 35", 32.5", 21" and that was right below 210lbs. The previous round where I ended up at 210lbs had measurements of 36", 33", 21". So that tells me that even though I don't seem to be making much progress in terms of the scale, I am successfully reshaping my body a bit. I think the weight training has something to do with both a slightly heavier weight than last round at the same point but a smaller mid section. But to be fair, my regimen is barely a month old and I skipped an entire week due to covid.

    Another new thing in my daily routine is that I added Athletic Greens to my ritual. It is a green powder that gives you all the nutrients you need from vegetables. This takes pressure off of me to prepare a lot of vegetables. To be honest, I might be overdoing it a bit on protein. But I am happy with my progress overall.

    Moving forward, my plan is for LDD to be Sunday or Monday. We will see on that. I will be on P3 for Christmas and New Years. My wife and I plan on jumping back into another 10 days on January 10. Our break will be too long to be considered a planned interruption so we will re-load before resuming. After those 10 days, we should be at our lightest and skinniest, which is great because we are going to Costa Rica the last week of January.

    Tennis has been great. This year has been epic. My team made it to Nationals in October. Bucket list deal for sure. I was able to keep my rating at 3.5 for 2023 so I will have plenty opportunities for advancement. I will be physically stronger and more flexible in 2023 which should help with the tennis. I was physically beat up this year.

    Anyway, that is all I got for now. Hope you all are doing well

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    Hi Geoff,

    Great to see your post, I actually had a post all typed out yesterday and then lost it! The stars must have aligned because I was thinking exactly what you were thinking with regards to the forums (as well as another round for me).

    It sounds like you've been on a big journey, sorry to hear you have given up tennis, but it sounds like you've found your niche on the other side. Strength training is fantastic. I've been an avid pilates fan for years now.

    The wonderful part of HCG is the fact that it works and we can always come back to it. I managed to gain some extra KG's when I caught covid in July of this year, most of it was due to the after effects that made exercise impossible, but I gained an extra 7kg in a very short space of time. Managed to get this off once my symtoms had died down.

    At the same time I had my gene's tested which essentially is all about controlling inflammation in the body. I learnt so much about myself and overnight changed my diet and lifestyle. If anyone is interested, it was done through Ingeneous in New Zealand. The company was created by an American Dentist, Dr. Libby Lindsay.

    Anyway, like you my weight has crept up slightly and I am planning another round in Jan '23 and then April '23. I still have my goal of 85kg in sight, in the interim I have been using Optifast Meal Replacements which are working a treat for taking the guess work out of foods. I still have a good lunch, but my body seems to enjoy not having food at night.

    Thanks for your post and good luck for the rest of your round! Its great to see you back.

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    Good to hear from you Gastro. Sounds like you are doing well and are being vigilant. I have resigned myself to the fact that weight is going to creep up. But my hopes are that my workout routine is going to be the missing piece between rounds. To clarify, I am not giving up tennis. It is still my favorite activity and I have a huge year planned in 2023. I will just not use it as my only source of fitness.

    Finally got through my stall but am only 2-3 days from Last dose. My prediction is that I will end up just at or under 215. Disappointing in terms of scale but I should be thinner as far as the tape goes. Another super short round in January before I hit the beach

    Be well and I look forward to following your round in January

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    I am curious/interested in that program you are doing from Ingeneous

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    Great to hear you got past your stall! Ahh I understand about the tennis, variety is the spice of life.

    So the Ingeneous test basically comes down to how your body responds inflammation. I’ll attach some screenshots of my report, some of the most insightful aspects were

    1. I should only have 1 coffee per day (I stopped drinking coffee all together after hearing this)
    2. My weight loss pathway is 70:30. 70% exercise and 30% food. This makes sense as I am somewhat able to indulge but not gain as long as I keep my cardio up (tennis may be in my future too)
    3. I needed more fibre in my diet. 2tsp of psyllium husk in water every morning has done wonders for my gut. If the taste is hard try apple cider vinegar (with the mother).
    4. I should keep my carbs and fats at a low level than most, and really focus on protein.
    5. I am genetically predisposed to have poor impulse control.

    These are just some of the things I got from my report. I worked with a heath coach to really get to the bottom of my issues. I am actually looking at retraining as one as I feel so privileged to have solutions to issues that left me feeling broken for so many years.

    The itself was about $1000 all up but the ROI is off the charts. If you have any more specific questions please let me know I’ll be happy to answer them as best I can!

    In the meantime, here is the website Ingeneous.co.nz

    NB: post edited to include all text.

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    Sorry Geoff, struggling to upload screenshots. If you'd like to read the full report I'd be happy to send it to you. Just Pm me and I can arrange an email or other medium.

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    Thank you and no worries on the screen shots. My wife was taking psyllium husk in gel caps this round. Helped with fullness. I should take this myself. For me, I believe diet is more important than exercise. I can play tennis 6 days per week, 3 hours at a pop and for some reason the weight seems to go up if I eat poorly. Maybe an exaggeration but not too far off. But that is very helpful information.


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