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Thread: The garden has been dug over, and now its time to plant the seeds and reap...

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    The garden has been dug over, and now its time to plant the seeds and reap...

    Hi Everyone,

    I woke up a few mornings ago and laid in bed... and realised its time. Time to remember whats important and what I want out of life. Since my last round (which I finished early due to challenging situations, as well as my head not being fully in the game). I have managed to maintain most of my losses, however with the stress of moving to a new city and starting a new job have noticed a few inches creep back on.

    I am on my second loading day for which I have been eating clean. Think...chicken thighs, and really good olive oil. I honestly have not enjoyed this load as much, my stomach has shrunk so much and in no certain terms I am not eating as much as I used to.

    Also, I have developed many intolerence's that I didn't have in the beginning. These now include, peanuts, almonds, dairy (which I have accepted previously), flour and sulphates. I have been doing my very best to avoid all of these as particularly flour began to inflame my body everytime I had it.

    This round will be no different to my other ones. I'll stick with chicken and prawns, but will add fish and eggs at times. Cherry tomatoes & celery. Grapefruit and Green Apples. I will keep the melba out for as long as possible.

    I am back in my home city, so I will have family around however I going back to my original excuse of I'm doing a whole30, which no one can actually argue with. Its my birthday late may so I have a good amount of desire and motivation to ensure I make this a great round.

    Once again, I want to thank all of you, and especially those who comment...its so wonderful to have a place to share my journey. You all give such great accountability.

    Onward and upward,


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    Roscoe - Wishing you the best of luck on your round! Happy losing!
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    Good luck on your current round. One the best things about HCG is that you can have confidence that if you just do it, you'll get there.

    Some thoughts about food tolerances-- It sometimes seems like the diet creates them, but what is really happening is that the HCG diet helps you eventually recognize something that was there all along. You can't see the signs of food intolerance if your body is already overloaded with reactions to them. You can't really discern what items are more inflammatory than others because you are already so inflamed. The elimination diet part of the protocol helps your body start to clean out inflammation and toxins which can provide an opportunity to notice what reactions certain foods create. If there are a lot of sensitivities, then a wise thing is to embark on a gut healing regimen while avoiding those things. It is possible for the sensitivities to dissipate after enough healing has happened. This is what happened with me. My first couple of rounds, I was able to sail through P3 with no reactions. It wasn't till later rounds that I started to find sensitivities, and much later that I became free of them.

    Note that true allergies or conditions like celiac are not likely to resolve. I expect I'm still allergic to pine nuts, but its not something I'm going to test, since I am anaphalactic to them.
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    Wow, Leez! Thanks so much for taking the time to share that. You are just wonderful.

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    Thank you, Linder Lou!

    Day 1, Phase 2

    Weight: 114.7kg

    Feeling a bit icky from loading even though I kept it reasonably clean. Didn’t gain as much as expected. Only about 700gm. I owe this too staying away from bread and carbs….as well as sugar.

    I woke up this morning and just knew it was time, my head and heart appear to be in complete agreement. In complete vanity I have put some photos of myself when I was at my goal weight around the house where I’ll see them to remind myself what I’m doing it for.

    It’s time.
    Onward and upward,


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