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Thread: Being a guy

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    Cool Being a guy

    I started at 370 pounds in April of this year. I did a 30 day round and lost 20 pounds.
    I tried to maintane and kept most off. May came and was getting some vitamine shots through Lindora w/l clinic.
    I did lose more weight. another 20 pounds. At 330 i was ready to go back to HCG and get below the 300 mark by October.
    Sep 11, 2020 I am at 302 pounds with 19 days more to go on this round.
    I see great things proceding on my progress to be below the 300 pounds. I have many successes with this program and since i
    have a contract with lindora clinic till may 2020 I will take advantage of the vitamin and lip shots they give plus encouragement.
    Almost being crippled up with 370 pounds I took the opportunity to get this weight off and keep it off.
    Giving up sweets not fun, but life will be so much better being fit and being able to get off high blood pressure meds , diabetic meds , and more.
    Hope all you men out there enjoy the process and journey . It is worth it.

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    Hey that’s a kind post... Great encouraging post! It’s great to be on this journey and great to be on it with you.

    I’m down 30 at day 30. Hope to get another 8-10 before this 42 day round is over. I’m off for a break after that. I’ll go see my naturopathic dr for a post work up. I’ll be starting my second round in January and look forward to the process of stating steady post September 23rd!

    My LDL went from 222 to 140!

    Gotta be careful losing so much weight fast. Stroke is a real thing when you are over 40 so I really want to take that break, get my body adjusted follow though.

    Stay focused.
    Stay committed.
    Stay hopeful.

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    Good work Chris!

    while you do havemore to loose than I did I like ther way your focusing on "chunks" of weight loss...20-30 lbs at a time. you'll get there and it's ABSOULTLY worth it..keep up the good work!

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    Hello! You have great results. It can be seen how much work you have done, keep it up!


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