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Thread: Not as new of a guy. But a new journey altogether

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    that is a great point, that I totally forgot about. But still, the mid morning snack of apple and grissini is the first meal of the day on OP. I have been on 2.0 this round and last so I have a meatball in the morning, some lean protein (usually shrimp) mid morning, meal at lunch, shrimp snack mid afternoon and meal in the evening. I am going to condense into lunch, mid afternoon snack and dinner.

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    Great thread, as a first timer on my first day of the low calorie I am very interested in your experiences. Thanks for posting.

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    Absolutely. My advise is to track everything. Take measurements at your waist, hips and thighs and track that too. Good luck in your round. No matter what stay the course and trust the process. This thing works.

    Are you doing Simeons original protocol?

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    Sunday update. Yesterday was at 220.2. This morning at 218.4. Very good losses. I have officially blown past last weeks plateau.

    This mornings weight is a milestone for me. This is my lightest weight in a very long time. In early 2009 I completed my second round at 219. It has been slowly heading the wrong way ever since. Very happy morning.

    Played tennis for 3 hours yesterday. I really felt the lack of calories. Got light headed. Had to sit down. Grabbed my lunch and midday dose. Settled in and got back on court. I was really hungry the rest of the day as a result. I went heavy on last nights protein and even had a spoon of natural peanut butter in the afternoon. Kind of felt I overdid it and expected a slight gain this morning. Just shows what I know.

    10 more days counting today. Measurements tomorrow.

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    Monday is measurement day for me. From last Monday, I am down 2 inches on my waist as well as my hips. No loss in my thighs at all. I play a lot of tennis and have muscular legs. My abnormal fat is mainly in my hips and waist. Total losses in 2 weeks are 4 inches each from my waist, 3 inches from my hips and 1 inch from my thighs.

    Yesterday was a little bit of a cheat day for me. I played tennis in the morning for 3 hours. When I got home, had a spoonful of natural peanut butter. I made taco meat (beef and turkey) for my son and wife. I tasted a couple spoonfuls. Delicious. For dinner, my wife and I split a NY strip steak. I had around a 6oz portion, which would have easily put me over my allotted calories for the day. Also, I had a small glass of bourbon while I was watching the Chiefs-Titans game. The 2.0 facebook group has threads stating that straight alcohol is okay on the HCG 2.0. This morning, I was up .4lbs. I am not worried about this at all. It could have been extra calories or the booze. It could also be inflamation from tennis. My back was very tight last night so I could be holding onto water.

    Either way, not worried about it. If today was day 23, I would be thrilled with where I am, body wise. Weekdays are a breeze for me and I am very strict on my diet. This week is mainly seafood with leftover meatloaf balls as mid afternoon snacks. I am also beginning intermittent fasting today. 9 more days of HCG-VLCD counting today.

    On day 4, VLCD (Jan 9) I predicted a LDW of 213. Looking at the numbers today, I still feel that 213 will be the final weight. Possibly down as much as 211 -212. It will be fun to see where I end up. I predict only 1 more inch off of hips and waist before I end off.

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    Yesterday I started a new experiment with my 2.0 round. I started intermittent fasting. Basically I only eat between 11am and 7pm. That gives me 16 hours with no food. I am not going to go into the whats and whys of it as there is plenty information to be found. I want to see if it helps ramp up a little extra weight loss this week. I am only going to do it Monday-Friday this week. On weekends, I play tennis in the morning and absolutely need my protein in the morning before I play. Looking forward, my plan is to begin phase 3 with breakfast every morning for at least the first couple of weeks. I will move in to IF a couple weeks in, perhaps early if my weight is trying to jump up a bit. Will play it by ear. But phase 4 for certain, I plan on doing IF on weekdays.

    Either way, I am down 1.8lbs this morning. My guess is that IF isn't wholly responsible. It is more likely a rebound from yesterdays slight gain where I was likely holding extra water weight from Sunday's tennis (back was really sore afterwards, so there was lots of inflammation). But hey, who cares? I will take it and smile. I am on day 16 and I am down 15.2lbs from pre load weight. That is a very encouraging rate of loss, especially considering the fact that I am getting close to my final target weight for my HCG diets (at least when I started this journey last Feb).

    Here are some comparisons between this round and last year's rounds:

    Round 1 (OP): Week 1: 11.2lbs lost Week 2: 6.4lbs lost Week 3: 5.8lbs lost 22.6 total loss for round
    Day 15 - 17.2lbs below pre load weight.

    Round 2 (2.0): Week 1: 13.8lbs lost, Week 2: 5lbs lost, Week 3: 5lbs lost 17.2lbs total loss for round
    Day 15 - 12.2lbs below pre load weight.

    Current round (2.0) Week 1: 10.4lbs lost, Week 2: 7lbs lost
    Day 15 - 15.2lbs below pre load weight.

    A couple points to note. Regardless of which protocol is used, it is reasonable to expect greater losses in the first round because there is simply more weight to lose. I am pleasantly surprised that this current round is outperforming the previous round in about ever way imaginable, with the only exception being first week losses. But most of those losses were from a larger amount of loading gain. I loaded cleaner this round.

    Conclusions: 2.0 protocol really works. I still believe that your very first round should be followed to the original protocol put out by Simeons with all subsequent round done 2.0. Also, it is possible that I am reacting better to Intermountain HHCG than Triumph. Both are good so you should be happy with either.

    8 more days counting today. Still plenty of time for another plateau. I would must prefer it happen on days 6-8 after some strong losses this week.


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    Okay, so here is a weird trend going back from Sunday's weigh in:

    Sunday: down 1.8lbs
    Monday: up .4lbs
    Tuesday: down 1.8lbs
    Wednesday: up .8lbs
    Thursday: down 1.8lbs

    That is very strange. But moving forward.

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    The crazy fluctuations continue. I played tennis Thursday night. The next mornings weigh in was a gain of 1.6lbs to 217.6. Was very much in a poor frame of mind yesterday for various reasons. Also very hangry in the afternoon. Stayed the course though. This morning down 2.8lbs to 214.8lbs.

    I played tennis for 3 hours this morning so I am very curious how tomorrow’s weigh in will turn out. My guess is I will be up a bit. Scheduled to play tennis tomorrow afternoon as well as Monday evening so I am not sure if I will see much more scale loss.

    No matter. I am very happy where I am right now. I just want to carry on to Tuesday to give me a little better chance of stabilizing in round 3.

    I do feel the cumulative effect of the low calories and low fat. I really feel it on the tennis court. My body is ready to move on. Almost there. By now I usually am amped up for phase 3. Not so much on 2.0. Don’t get me wrong, an avocado would be most welcome as would a glass of red wine but I am okay with what I am eating. I am tired of leftover, cold fish though. Had enough of that.

    Check you on Monday for last measurements

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    Things have settled in just a bit. Sunday, I lost .4lbs to 214.4. Played tennis both Saturday and Sunday. Kind of overdid it and ended up tweaking my left knee. Pretty sure these isn't any serious injury, but it is swollen and tight right now. No tennis for a couple of days at least and will ice up tonight to get the swelling down. I feel like my body is holding on to some extra water weight.

    Did measurements this morning. I am down a .5 inch on my waist from last week and thigh and hips are basically the same. I am going to measure again tomorrow because I am feeling bloated today. My body is holding a lot of inflammation from this weekend's tennis.

    Tomorrow is my last dose day. I expect a solid loss tomorrow and should be within my predicted goal of 213lbs. I am happy where I am if not.

    Mentally, I am so ready to move on. This has been a good round, but there is nothing out there that beats the feeling of completing a round and moving on to phase 3. It is absolutely the best in my opinion. The feeling of accomplishment, loving the new body coupled with the expanded menu (and a glass or two of wine) is truly a great thing.

    First regular meal will be Thursday evening. Not sure what it will be but I know an avocado will be involved.

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    Congrats on getting to the end. I agree that moving into P3 is as wondrous feeling---kind of like Christmas morning.

    The inflammation may confuse your LDW somewhat, and a last drop may come along in a few days. Which is always a nice way to start P3 anyway.
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    thanks Leez. My plan is to rest my injury for at least 3 days so inflammation and weight should come off.

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    Wilson - great job on getting through your round with great results. It's been fun reading along with your journey. Cheers on moving into P3!
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