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Thread: Not as new of a guy. But a new journey altogether

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    thanks Lou. I enjoy going back and reading past rounds. It has been a journey. Hopefully I can find a way to not have to go back on it again, but life finds a way to answer that. I might make this an every January thing.

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    Today is last dose day and I wish it were a happier day. I injured my left leg playing tennis on Sunday. I have a strained or pulled hamstring and tweaked my knee somehow during the same time. I don't remember injuring my knee but it swelled up after the match. I am thinking it is related to the hamstring injury. It was really tight last night and my left leg was bloated. I was strict on the protocol otherwise should have had a good drop this morning, but instead I gained a half pound. Add that to yesterday's slight gain and I am finishing my round with 2 consecutive gain days. That is disappointing, but at the same time, I am happy where I am. Leez's comment above will prove correct in a couple days. There will be a substantial drop. I really don't trust today's weight as a true final weight to use. I really feel it is inflated due to my leg injury. I will use Sunday's weight of 214.2 as my set weight and do my best to keep it there.

    All in all, I have lost 18lbs this round. Right now I am at 215lbs. I haven't been this light in over 20 years. I lost 5 inches off of my waist, 3 inches off of my hips and 1 inch off of my thighs. I did not take measurements at the beginning of my first round last February, but combined for the last 2 rounds, I have lost 8 inches off of my waist, 6 inches off of my hips and 2 inches off of my thighs. Had I taken measurements before my first round, the losses would be way more substantial. My guess is that I lost most inches the first round because I had more abnormal fat to lose at that time.

    Today should be a happy day, but instead I am bummed with my leg injury. I hope it isn't going to be a problem. My tennis game is rounding into shape and I am carrying less weight on the court. Really excited to get playing. I really don't want to spend the next couple months rehabbing a knee injury. But I honestly don't think it will come to that. Just rest for a week and go from there.

    Phase 3 begins Thursday night, 48 hours after my last dose which will happen today around 4:30.

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    checking back in. Still dealing with my leg injury. Limping around. It is definitely a hamstring injury. Doesn't seem like there is much of an injury to the knee, thankfully. The area of my hamstring that is inflamed is behind the knee area so the whole knee area is swollen. Pain goes from the top of the calf to about 6 inches above the knee. Swelling has gone down.

    So after the injury, weight has gone up, .2lbs on Monday, .6lbs on Tuesday and another .6lbs on Wednesday. With reduced swelling, weight did go down 1.2lbs this morning so things are normalizing. I really believe I should use 214.6 as my set weight for phase 3.

    Speaking of phase 3, it begins tonight as my 48 hours from last dose expires today at 4:30. Tonight's dinner is going to be a chunk of grilled salmon. Might top with some melted lemon butter with tarragon and capers. But the star of the show will be a caeser salad (homemade dressing - avocado/coconut oil) with some avocado chunks in it. I totally miss my homemade caeser salad.

    I will be going to the store to stock up for phase 3. I will be making homemade mayo for my blue cheese dressing for salads. Plenty avocados. I will mainly be keto for phase 3. I am travelling the week after next. My game plan for travel weeks on phase 3 is to do intermittent fasting. I might continue for the rest of phase 3 as long as I am not losing below the 2lb limit. But for the next 10 days, I will have eggs for breakfast to catch up on my fat reserves.

    I am only 10lbs below where I ended up my last round in August 2019, but I look much lighter than that. I am getting a lot of comments on how thin I look. I can really tell in the mirror. The losses are dramatic. I bought a bunch of size 36 slacks last August and now they are loose on me. I could fit into a 34 now, but it would be pushing it so staying with the current size is going to be fine.

    Phase 4 plan is to do intermittent fasting on weekdays with breakfast on weekends (before tennis). This will help keep daily calories at bay a bit and make my meal prep life much easier. My eating style will be mostly keto with some small cheats mixed in here and there. Those cheats will center around work and family meals. As usual, my main vice will be wine.

    Beyond that, we will see. I am not going to make the proclamation that my journey is over. Life happens and a small weight creep is likely. I don't plan on any new rounds in 2020. I have done 3 rounds in the last 12 months, and I really need a break. If anything, I will most likely do another round in January 2021. Who knows a January round every year might be the ticket. Elimination diets are a good thing. It stops bad habits in their tracks and resets cravings and eating habits as a whole.

    More than anything, I will continue to be a strong advocate for this diet. I will come back around here often so if you are reading this and have a question, just post it here and I will get back to you as soon as I see it.

    See you on the other side.

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    Sorry to hear your injury turned out to be significant. P3 should be good for healing, though, because of increased amounts of protein. Glycine rich foods are very helpful to healing (Bone broth, chicken skin, gelatin/collagen) so get those in if you can. Getting enough vitamin C is also important.

    There have been several posters that use a once-a-year round strategy to keep themselves at goal weight. Good luck with your P3, and if you do happen to drop a bit more than 2 pounds below your LIW, I wouldn't try to correct that (unless its a very significant loss--like 10 pounds). The inflammation has muddied things up so maybe just see how things level out in a week or so.
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    Thanks Leez, I really appreciate the help and insight. I honestly believe that the injury is mainly diet related. But it is 100% user error on my part because I know that my body is depleted on meager energy stores and I simply pushed it WAY too hard. I pushed hard Thursday night for over 3 hours, another 3.5 hard hours on Saturday and a match on Sunday that went under two hours, but I was really doing some intense running with a lot of direction change. Yes, you can exercise and work out on this diet, but I took it well beyond what is a sane level. Nobody to blame but myself.

    But hamstrings heal on their own with rest so I should be right as rain in a couple of weeks. Extra fat and protein will do nothing but help, I am sure.

    The weight came down this morning and I agree with you that there should be even more coming off. It would not surprise me to see a settling around 213.

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    Phase 3 update. As with the previous round of 2.0 my weight jumped up about 4 pounds as soon as I transitioned to P3. Didn't really go crazy on food. But wine? well, yes. But as soon as the wine stops, the weight comes back down. I am within 2lbs of LDW so all is good. I am nearing the end of P3 but will probably continue going strictly keto in order to drop some more weight. I would like to get to 210 in the next couple of months. I will eat carbs, but it will mainly be social, family and business situations where I don't want to explain my eating and diet plan to everybody. For me allowing carbs back in like bread, rice and pasta, even in small amounts leads to a relaxing of discipline and I slide back into old habits. Really cannot afford to do that so I must remain strict and vigilant. Sucks getting old.

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