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Thread: Not as new of a guy. But a new journey altogether

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    Thankfully the hurricane went east of us so we still have power and no major challenges to the diet. Feel bad for people in SWLA. A lot of damage and tons of work ahead for many to get things back to normal.

    Diet is going well. This is possibly my easiest round yet. I cannot help but believe having my wife along for the ride is a huge help. But weight is coming off at a better rate than my last 2 rounds of 2.0. Not by much, but still ahead in pace. Inches are coming off around the same pace as last round or a hair better. Overnight, I will pass the halfway point of round 2.

    Have not been playing much tennis lately because more time has been spent doing house prep for the possible hurricane. I have a makeup singles match tomorrow night. I have drills with my team scheduled Saturday and Sunday and another makeup match scheduled Monday night. 4 days in a row is too much in normal times, let alone while in phase 2. My plan is to play very little or not at all Saturday and Sunday.


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    Checking in again. Weight loss has slowed a bit but I am close to my target weight. My pace has actually slipped behind my last 2 rounds. As I said, I am close to my target range so I am happy. But inches are coming off. Honestly, I could stop today and would be fine but I am seeing this to 23 days.

    My last dose day is 9-8. Right now, I am at 221. If I had to guess, I will probably only lose another 3-4lbs. That will put me a little heavier than the end of my last round, but in far as inches go, probably exactly the same. I am looking really thin.

    I hope to stabilize better this round and not gain like I did this spring and summer. Either way, my plan is for another round in January. I would love to stabilize around 220 through the end of the year, no more than 225 with creep weight and see how close I can get to 200lbs in my January round.

    some observations:

    1. Hunger: Really feeling empty. I was at my hungriest last weekend. Cheated a bit in that I allowed myself more protein calories than called for. But I felt my body needed it. Weight plateaud Sunday morning and was up slightly on Monday but I am back on track. I mentioned last week that this was my easiest round yet. Well, starting last weekend, that feeling has faded a bit. I wouldn't say things are difficult at all, just not on auto-pilot.

    2. Food: really getting bored with food. The bunless burgers have gotten a bit old. Grilled salmon is still a great thing. My body lights up whenever I eat it. Grilled tilapia is ok. Had some seared scallops Sunday. Gained a pound on Monday. Not sure there will be a repeat of that item until P3. I made some turkey taco meat on Sunday for lunches. Very delicious which is a mixed blessing. One bite of this and all I want to do is overeat. Almost too good. I chop up some iceberg lettuce, throw on some pico de gallo, then the turkey taco meat and I have a great meal. Beyond the taco salad with turkey taco meat, vegetables are a struggle. Don't want any of it. Plain steamed broccoli makes me sad. VLCD compliant salad dressings are even sadder. I have yet to cook any frozen chopped spinach so will start mixing that in starting tonight. Grilled si****o peppers are good too. But I will probably ride out the rest of the diet with basic chopped celery. Going to boil up some shrimp tonight for some take-along meals. One more food on the go tip: Chik-Fil-A grilled chicken nuggets are very handy if you are on the go and need a quick 2.0 friendly meal. You might need to choke down a dressing free salad if you need veggies, but that is just how it goes.

    3: more on exercise: Tennis is just tough right now. It is very tough to perform and play anywhere near my ability right now. Sports nutrition is just extremely important. I played Friday night. Disaster. Lost badly to a guy I would kill if I had the proper nutrition. Was feeling very weak and to the point of blacking out almost. My body was not stable and was making a ton of errors, especially on shots that I prefer. I have a very strong and consistent forehand and could not find the court to save my life. Horrible. Played doubles on Saturday. Felt a little better. But still lacking the proper nutrition to perform. Played a singles match on Monday. Weather was a little cooler. I played much better. There were still a fair amount of errors directly related to lack of nutrition. My right hamstring feels tight. I have to be careful not to push it and injure myself. I have a singles match scheduled tomorrow night. My goal is not to win. Just execute my shots and not go overboard. My last tennis until I transition to P3 will be Saturday morning. It is an informal session where I will most likely play doubles. It is easy to throttle the effort back in these sessions.

    4: Transitions: The greatest thing about this diet is transitioning from phase 2 to phase 3. It is the best feeling. For one, you have achieved some great results in both pounds and inches. Secondly and most importantly, you are done with VLCD and can add some more interesting and tasty foods. Even though there are still many restrictions, in comparison, the world is opened up for you. It is such an awesome feeling to walk around the grocery store stocking up for P3.

    Well that is my third week update. I will probably check in on the Lovely Losers thread as it seems to be the only active thread around here. This thread is mainly used as a diary for me to come back to. I also hope it will help other men who are interested in this diet.

    Next update will be Tuesday, September 8 most likely.

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    Okay, well had some things pop up on the schedule this week and needed to end my round 2 days earlier than planned. Ended up not being too big of a deal because my last two days were plateau days. Ended up losing 17.4lbs on a 21 day VLCD diet + 2 day transition to P3 which began this morning. Very happy with my results. Basically, all of the Covid weight is gone so I am back to where I was after the January round. Fine with that. Still planning on another round in January to get down closer to 200lbs.

    So I have done 4 rounds total since February 2019. Started around 270 and am now at 218. Of course, some weight creep up (including a large jump this spring/summer) but overall I am down 50lbs from where I started. This diet works. But still got to be vigilant between rounds. My biggest issue? Beer. Everything was fine and stable until beer was re-introduced. Once that happens, all bets are off. Wine? no problem. I hate to give up on beer and probably never will, at least completely. But I really went off of the deep end this spring and summer and need to keep it down to a minimum.

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