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Thread: new guy here - starting over on a new journey

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    It is amazing how time flies when you are on P3. Tomorrow is my last day of P3. It seems like it started yesterday. All in all, I am happy with the progress.

    The morning, of my last dose, my weight was 239.4. In my opinion, that weight was artificially high because I played a very hard match of tennis the night before and with a ton of post match inflamation I was holding on to some extra water. The next morning, my weight was 237.8. So I decided to split the difference and use 238.6 as my LIW. For the most part, my weight has fluctuated between 239 and 237 with some rare lows of 236 and highs of 241 (but only a day or two). My higher numbers always coincided with travel, but as soon as I got back home I would see my numbers go down. The last 4 mornings, my weight has been 240, 237.4, 237.2 and 236.8 this morning. Yesterday had breakfast sausage and avocado for breakfast. Ceasar salad (big one) and grilled shrimp for lunch (really was a big lunch), 12oz NY strip with ceasar salad for dinner with a half bottle of cabernet. With all of that, I am still down this morning.

    My plan moving forward is to continue to lose weight. I will use a modified P3 diet. 5 days of P3-keto style eating with 2 days introducing modest carbs such as sweet potatoes and beans. I really do not want to introduce bread, rice, pasta or potatoes at this time. I would like to slowly drop another 15 pounds over the rest of the year.

    As I have mentioned in other posts and threads, I will commit to jumping on the scale every morning from now on. That way, if I jump a couple pounds, I will adjust from there. As long as I am not mixing carbs and fats, I should be okay. My main concern is when I eventually bring my old friend beer back in the mix.


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    Do you plan on eating above a certain amount of carbs each day once introducing the sweet potato etc.? My worry is that I would be yoyo-ing between keto and not keto so I need a plan but I have no idea how many carbs will keep me out of keto. I'd need to start measuring I guess?

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    my plan is to start small on carbs. Like a quarter of a sweet potato, 1/2 cup of beans, etc. and only for one or two days per week. Hopefully the scale in the bathroom will help me fine tune things by letting me know what works and what doesn't

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    I really enjoyed reading your journey. I am on vlcd 6 in my 3rd round, and down 7lbs from pre load or 14 lbs post load. I lost 55 lbs in the first two rounds in 2017, kept it all off through 2018 and then put on about 7 lbs so far this year before deciding it was time to do it again. I need to lose 30 lbs to get where I want to be ultimately, but I will be thrilled with 15-20 this round which is going to be a short 21 day total round due travel. I travel frequently, globally and like you it is almost a rock star lifestyle on the road with heavy drinking, late nights and 100% eating out. It definitely caused me to gain the 7 lbs this year. P2 on the road is impossible, but I can do p3.

    My thoughts on the diet align closely to your philosophies. It is really a change in the relationship one has with food that is the most important thing to get out of this, and p4 long term is the most critical. It is amazing how once you start to slide, you really become addicted to all the bad stuff and you need the reboot.

    This is the first 3 sequential weeks I have been home all year so I am squeezing in what I can. So far so good for me on this round, p2 sucks but this one is easy so far. One of the other things about hcg is that it dramatically reduces my urge to drink. That plus tons of coffee and not having to exercise with huge short term results really makes it a great option. I do wonder why more people don’t do it, and also why it is so controversial. Being 75 lbs overweight is a lot less healthy than a couple of weeks on p2!

    Anyway, thanks for posting. I do think there are a lot of guys here who simply lurk. I know when I am in p3 and p3 I am here every day.

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    Thanks for the post majorae. Good luck on your round.

    It wrote this thread halfway like a diary. It is interesting for me to go back and read these posts.

    I am still hanging in. Have been working in a few more carbs. Some sweet potatoes, some beans, peanuts and almonds. my weight has been stable around 239. popped up to 241 over the weekend. Played tennis a combined 7 hours over the weekend and was probably holding a lot of water with inflammation. Not really worried about it because I am not eating any garbage and the weight is heading back towards 239-238. I would like to start going below towards 230 so I will figure that out.

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    Checking in. Hope everybody is doing well.

    I am still hanging in and doing well. My weight is still hanging around my LIW. This morning 237. Weekends with alcohol and a little more calories, I get up to around 240-241 but back done around 237-236 during weekdays. That is on an extreme but for the most part I am around 238-239 more often than not.

    Still staying away from processed carbs like great, pasta, rice and potatoes. I mainly get carbs from nuts and vegetables. I do not limit on protein and dairy. Nor do I limit myself on red wine. That is why my weight is stabil instead of losing weight. But that is okay. I am still in the scale every morning. I have a good grasp on what foods raise weight. Basically heavy beef and red wine and my weight comes up a bit. Seafood and no wine it comes down easy.

    I am comfortable where I am. Keep things in check and make sure I do not gain weight. Around mid August I will do another round. This time probably roll with 2.0. My goal is to drop another 15-20 pounds and I think that would be perfect. Lock it in from there.

    That is my plan for now.

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    End of June update:

    Things have been relatively stable but weight has been wanting to creep up the last couple of weeks. Most meals are keto but I want to work in carbs so I am doing so I will get them with some beans, nuts, peanut butter etc. But if the occasion dictates, I will have a spoon of rice, a couple tortilla chips at a mexican restaurant or "whatever carbs" in reasonable quantities in a social situation where it cannot be avoided. I just make sure that the majority of my meals are within limits. Also working in a couple Michelob Ultras after tennis. But over time, my portions are getting a little larger and it seems that beer and wine gets a little more prevalent. That is why jumping on the scale daily is so important. I missed the morning weigh in Monday and Tuesday after a heavier eating weekend and weight had jumped to 245. Tightened things up the next couple of days and I am at 239.6 this morning, which is right at my LIW. My plans of slowly losing additional weight have not come true. Instead, I have been in a slight gain/slight loss structure and have basically stayed around my LIW. I can live with that for now but still want to lose more weight.

    The loose plan is to do another round in August. I need to find 4 consecutive weeks where my tennis schedule is light and I am not travelling. August might be the best and only time. I would love to drop another 20lbs and lock that in.

    Until later.

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    Still hanging in. Weight stays between 237 and 241. I still have a good 20lbs I want to lose and will be doing a second round starting with load days beginning Sunday August 4. First VLCD August 6. Placed order with Triumph today. Same stuff as last round. I really want to get down to 215-220

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    Hi there Wilsonblack, just wanted to say how much I enjoyed reading about your journey. I can very much relate to most of what you’ve posted. I’m on day 4 and 11lbs down. Planning to do a 26 day round. Good luck with your next round. I’m contemplating another round after this one....goal is 80kg or 176lbs

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    thanks Gastro. good luck on your journey

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