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Thread: new guy here - starting over on a new journey

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    It is amazing how time flies when you are on P3. Tomorrow is my last day of P3. It seems like it started yesterday. All in all, I am happy with the progress.

    The morning, of my last dose, my weight was 239.4. In my opinion, that weight was artificially high because I played a very hard match of tennis the night before and with a ton of post match inflamation I was holding on to some extra water. The next morning, my weight was 237.8. So I decided to split the difference and use 238.6 as my LIW. For the most part, my weight has fluctuated between 239 and 237 with some rare lows of 236 and highs of 241 (but only a day or two). My higher numbers always coincided with travel, but as soon as I got back home I would see my numbers go down. The last 4 mornings, my weight has been 240, 237.4, 237.2 and 236.8 this morning. Yesterday had breakfast sausage and avocado for breakfast. Ceasar salad (big one) and grilled shrimp for lunch (really was a big lunch), 12oz NY strip with ceasar salad for dinner with a half bottle of cabernet. With all of that, I am still down this morning.

    My plan moving forward is to continue to lose weight. I will use a modified P3 diet. 5 days of P3-keto style eating with 2 days introducing modest carbs such as sweet potatoes and beans. I really do not want to introduce bread, rice, pasta or potatoes at this time. I would like to slowly drop another 15 pounds over the rest of the year.

    As I have mentioned in other posts and threads, I will commit to jumping on the scale every morning from now on. That way, if I jump a couple pounds, I will adjust from there. As long as I am not mixing carbs and fats, I should be okay. My main concern is when I eventually bring my old friend beer back in the mix.


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    Do you plan on eating above a certain amount of carbs each day once introducing the sweet potato etc.? My worry is that I would be yoyo-ing between keto and not keto so I need a plan but I have no idea how many carbs will keep me out of keto. I'd need to start measuring I guess?

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    my plan is to start small on carbs. Like a quarter of a sweet potato, 1/2 cup of beans, etc. and only for one or two days per week. Hopefully the scale in the bathroom will help me fine tune things by letting me know what works and what doesn't

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