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Thread: HCG My Experience So Far

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    HCG My Experience So Far

    To not bury the lede, this stuff works. It works VERY well.

    I am a very late 40s guy with a pretty athletic build. I've always been a big dude. I ran a half marathon in 2011 at 235 pounds. At the time, I wore a size 50L sport coat and 34" pants. I'm 6'4". But, the last few years, I have not had the kind of discipline needed to stay healthy. One person's explanation is another's excuse, so I won't even go there. I'll just say that in the summer of 2018, health problems found me at the doc's office and the scales I had avoided for a few years revealed that I was a hardly impressive 377 pounds. Yes, I outweighed the majority of NFL linemen, and it wasn't even close.

    So, in November of 2018, I started my first wave of HCG homeopathic drops. I did a 40-day cycle and lost 51 lbs. Remarkably, it wasn't even that hard. Maybe it was the elation from the very rapid results, or maybe it was the effect of the product itself, but I really didn't suffer from horrible hunger issues. I did fine. At the end of February, I was ready to start a second cycle but it took a bit to get started. I finished the first at 326 lbs and started the second at 329 lbs. I thought 3 lbs over 10 weeks was not that bad considering my travel schedule and all the eating on the road. I stuck to lean proteins and lower carb veggies the whole time. I ate almost no sugars and starches.

    I began wave two of the very low calories on March 17 at 329 lbs. I am on day 31 and weighed today at 293 for total of 84 lbs. Again, the most amazing thing for me is that I don't really even get that hungry. It really, really works. I will be winding this cycle down a little early as we are leaving for a family trip next week. I will cycle off this weekend.

    I will also add that I was not super disciplined with this effort. Below are my personal observations. Again, this is MY experience. I am sure others are different, but here's what I have learned as I go on this journey:

    • You have to drink your water. It may be one of the most important parts of maintaining your health through this.
    • Take a vitamin every day. You aren't taking in a lot of nutrients. It certainly can't hurt.
    • Green tea does wonders to keep you on track during those mornings when you haven't eaten in 16 hours.
    • Alcohol is the biggest momentum killer there is. Even a couple of vodka tonics will stall me two days.
    • If you fall off the wagon, don't lose heart. Just get back on. You can recover.
    • I completely ignored the "one veggie only' and "one fruit only" rules without consequence. I've had dozens of greens, tomatoes, cucumber and onion salads. My go-to dressing is 2 tablespoons salad mustard, 2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar (no sugar added) and a pack of stevia. A cup of fruit salad here and there didn't seem to have ill effects. It was home made, so I know there was nothing else in it. I also ate fresh pineapple, peaches or pears for my fruit quite often. Again, it did not seem to affect results.
    • The stevia-sweetened powdered drink mix seems to be okay. I have drank gallons of it during this process and it didn't stall anything.
    • Any of the lean, meaty fishes seem to be okay in the same 100g portion. I have eaten tuna steaks, swordfish, grouper, snapper and various fresh water fishes without incident. All broiled, grilled or steamed without any added fat.
    • Steak days are blessing. I suggest throwing one in every 10 days or so whether you think you "need" it or not.
    • Spice is nice. Powdered spices, garlic and even hot sauces and sriracha help me enjoy smaller meals. The more flavor, the more satisfying. Plus, heat tends to help me slow down when eating, which makes for a more gratifying meal.
    • This is probably the most controversial thing I will add: I "double up" a couple of days a week. That is, I do not always eat lunch. I skip it and eat 200g of protein and double portions of fruit and veg for diner. This started out of necessity as I travel for work and sometimes not eating lunch was the best way to avoid eating a bad lunch. But, what I discovered is that it has no impact of the effectiveness of the weight loss effort, and it gives me the satisfaction of eating a little larger, more satisfying meal.

    Again, these are my observations. I understand that it may be completely different for someone else. I suppose that the closer I get to my goal weight, the more rigid I will have to be to lose weight. And, I know that I can do that.

    Anyway, I wish the very best to any and all who are beginning, in the middle or winding down this journey. I have long way to go. Probably two more cycles, but I have also made it pretty far already. And if I can do it, I know that just about anyone can.

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    Great progress! Thanks for sharing your experience.

    You may find that you don't really need to adjust anything even when you are closer to goal. I and many others find that we lose about the same amount each round regardless of how much we have left to lose.
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    Great post and thanks for sharing.

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    Thanks for sharing! Great progress!


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