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Thread: New to HCG - Max Duration question

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    New to HCG - Max Duration question

    Hey guys, I’m looking through the forums now and familiarizing myself with everything HCG. I keep seeing the max limit as 40 days. However, my doctor put me on a full two months at 200 a day. What are y’all’s thoughts here? Is this something I need to worry about.

    They also put me on 800-1000 calories a day. I haven’t stuck to this at all, more like 1500-2K a day but I’m fairly active and eating very clean. So far I’m 20 days in and I’ve still lost 25 lbs.

    Thanks for any advice!

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    The original protocol is available in the Manuscript link at the top of the forum. It outlines the perameters of the 500 calorie diet. The limit is 40 dose days, with a skip day once a week. That skip day stretches the length of the round to between 46-48 days. The reason for the maximum round length is to prevent immunity to the HCG. But also to give the body a break from the stress of the time spent on the very low calorie diet.

    What you are doing is not the HCG protocol, but some variation. In these variations that are higher calorie, the HCG is often used only to suppress appetite, but the plan is really to get you into ketosis to effect the actual weight loss. High HCG doses like 200iu can cause hunger and poor losses in some, although there are some that seem able to tolerate it. Dr. Simeons included 2 fruits and a bit of starch, which is enough to keep most people out of ketosis. Ketosis is not a part of the HCG protocol, which is about hormone regulation. The weight loss is a side effect of that. And the ability for the body to reset at a lower scale number is a benefit of following the protocol.

    Modern providers reject the idea that you can reach immunity, so they may recommend 60 day rounds or longer.
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