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Thread: Back again and I'm sorry...

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    Update P3.

    Weight: 115.3kg/ 253.66lbs

    Hello awesome HCG community. Its been a rocky few days for us in NZ. We now have the Delta Varient of COVID. So our entire country is in lockdown. Not amazing timing but is any of this..anyway, to more important things.

    P3 is going really well. I'm a bit up and down daily, but not by much. I'm currently up 1.4kg on LDW but I think this may have just been a little bit of bloating from eating some extra beans...in my bean curry. I am strongly sticking to my p3 and have refused many a piece of bread this week (when lockdown was announced I headed back to my parents house about 2 hours away!). I have also introduced exercise into my daily routine, I am doing interval training and mat pilates every morning (apart from sat/sun) but will still try to get in a gentle walk, because I feel so much better from it. Furthermore, I've also been adding some yoga classes on days off as well as my reformer pilates.

    anddddd....really the best news, my upper body is looking bloody fab! I can see definition in my back, shoulders, chest and arms. I can't believe it. mrsstrong wasn't lying . This has only increased my determination to get my body to a new level. I'm loving being strong, I'm loving challenging myself. I know this is only going to get harder as I get closer to my goal, but I'm okay with that. My body is telling me it wants more.

    P.s. the stretching from yoga and pilates is insane, if you're not currently stretching you need to start now. It will improve you life and its quality sooo much.

    anyway...crazy rant over. I wish nothing but sucess for everyone currently working their way through P2, P3 and beyond. I know its so easy to say now...but it really isn't a long time in the grand scheme of life.

    Onwards and upwards,


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    Just a small note...my exercise routine isn't involving multiple workouts each day. I'm just making sure that on the days I'm not doing reformer or yoga, I'm doing mat exercises and walking (and adding interval training in between).

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    Congrats Roscoe I will start P3 on Sunday.
    Question? I did not realize beans were permitted on P3 as they are starchy. Or were they green beans?
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    Great job, Roscoe!

    My P3 starts Sunday! Can't wait.
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    Wee update for those that may be following.

    Weight: 113.4kg (stable for 7 days)

    Have had the occasional treat like good pasta or sour dough but as the whole have kept the carbs at bay. Don’t want to temp any extra gain. Have been adjusting to having a smaller stomach and portions are so much more appropriate now. This also does mean I can have a treat and not go over the top. Not focusing on losing weight during rounds but I seem to be dropping the occasional .400gm and right now every gm helps.
    Am doing small preparations for a second round soon. I’m anticipating this will get me to 102kg but just taking everything with a grain of salt…more soon

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