Sorry I have been away. Been really busy. I have been focused on phase 3 and keeping my head in the game but the scale has not been my friend. My weight seems to have settled between 212 at the lowest and 214.5 following weekends. In terms of food, I am not overdoing it as I am very careful to watch portion sizes. Not snacking. Still drinking wine, mainly on weekends. I am sure that the wine is a part of things, but I am not going to cut that out and it really hasn't bothered me in the past. Mainly, I just think my body didn't want to hang in the sub 210 range. That said, the overall round was a success but the P3 part of things was a bit of a disappointment. But in the long run, that might end up being a good thing because instead of becoming overconfident I will continue to be vigilant and weigh every day and monitor nutrition. I am hoping this time, I will continue to be on the scale every day. We will see.