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Thread: Round 3…not backing out now

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    Round 3…not backing out now

    After reading WilsonBlacks inspirational new round I thought I better jump back in and share what I’ve been up to…

    My last round ended in late October and my LDW was 104.1kg. I actually maintained really well until early December when I went through a bit of a challenging personal time…although managed to claw my way back to at least under 105kg each time!!

    I was very tempted to tackle a round pre Xmas but slammed the door shut on that one.

    Fast forward to December 30 and I was getting ready to load for my official 3rd round. Unfortunately had an extra 5kg which was kindly donated by Christmas (my fault haha). I also did concede that there was also a bit of bloating going on.

    Furthermore took my measurements just before I loaded and to my surprise they were almost exactly as when I finished my last phase 3!

    I’m finishing up day 4 now, down 4.1 kg and have slipped right back into the grove. Absolutely no hunger or cravings. Sticking to my classic boiling and steaming pretty much the same foods each day. I have stopped the grisini for the moment, but may bring it back in if I need the crunch factor.

    Haven’t set a goal for this round, but am aiming for 95-97kg. I have already been mentally preparing for the hurdle of getting under 100kg. I have not been under since December 2016….it will be a shock to the system.

    Anyway enough from me. I hope where ever everyone is on their journey they’re doing well. I still cannot get over how lucky we are to have this available to us.

    Onward and upward…

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    awesome, Gastro. I wish you good success in this round. Enjoy the journey and the process.

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    Apologies for not posting. Sadly had a death of an uncle unexpectedly and we’ve all been processing. I did manage to keep on track for one or two days but with family coming and going I decided to just cycle off instead of experiencing violent fluctuations.

    This is my 3rd round and I’d say so far it’s been the most challenging. I think multiple things contributed to this. Namely results or rather each kg seems to be slower. I am really starting to get to the old fat (if that makes sense). You know the stuff that’s been there for years. Plus I’m getting closer to my goal.

    So today is my restarting day…won’t reload I have also made the decision to only weigh once a week. I have done this protocol numerous times now and I trust myself enough to stop focusing on the day to day. It’s a bit intense but I believe it’s the best thing I can do for myself. Especially since I’ve had this unplanned interruption.

    I will post my current measurements tomorrow as I’ll be focusing heavily on these to guide me.

    Onward and upward!

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    Keep on plugging, Gastro. Be easy on yourself and don’t look back.

    As your weight gets lower the pounds are a little harder to lose. I was on a 213-214 plateau most of this week. It happens. Things like deaths in family really throw a wrench in things too.

    Hang in there and welcome back


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