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Thread: Round 2 - (The Thick of Itů)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gastronomicfiend View Post
    Hi Mrsstrong, did contemplate that for a couple of days but have popped that back in the rubbish bin. I read a convincing article, but after weighing the pros and cons I couldn’t justify it. Thanks for checking in, really appreciate it. How are you finding your stabilisation? You must almost be in p4?

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    Well, stabilizing but not where I wanted (a pound over) and I have to be too careful with what I eat so the jury is out. I am in P4, yes.

    All you can do is move on. You cheated. Fine. Now move on. You'll get there!
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    Quote Originally Posted by mrsstrong View Post
    Well, stabilizing but not where I wanted (a pound over) and I have to be too careful with what I eat so the jury is out. I am in P4, yes.

    All you can do is move on. You cheated. Fine. Now move on. You'll get there!
    Good to hear! But I do feel ya! Definitely a hard one there.

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    Day 23

    Weight: 106.9kg/ 235.67
    -23.32lbs/ 10.6kg (Pre Loading)

    Feeling much better today. Lost myself and my reasoning for why I was doing this diet yesterday. I did some journaling and gave myself a bit of time to breath. I have almost recovered from the cheat and am only 1kg awayF from being the weight I was on Sunday. My pilates has been a constant throughout the journey, in fact I've been finding its helped with my focus and clarity. I have been adding a touch more protein on these days. Mainly in the form of an extra 30gm chicken breast or a soft boiled egg to keep my fatique at bay. I also think since I am in the groove I have gotten to know my body better.

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    Day 24

    Weight: 106.1kg/ 233.42lbs

    - 11.4kg (Post Load)

    Only 200gm from my Sunday weight (pre cheat). Ever so happy to be here. I have pretty much been set back by a week, not really loving that.

    I'm now 100% in the thick of it, I am trying to be as thankful as I can for how far I've come but it does sometimes get me down knowing that I have so far to go. my goal is currently about 20kg/ 44lbs away at 85kg. I am still in awe of this diet and how easy it makes losing weight and reshaping your body. I know this is probably a repeat, but I think its mainly because I know how close I am and how I've been here before and how getting over that hump to the next level.

    I think after this round I will be taking a longer break. This will be my second round this year and they've both been reasonably long. I still want to attack another one after christmas to really get to my goal. I'll be attaching a little time line for those that are interested in my weightloss journey and how over the years the 'creep' happened to me.

    Onwards and upwards,


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    Day 25

    Weight: 105.1kg/ 231.22lbs

    - 12.4kg/ 27.28lbs Post Load

    WE ARE ALMOST THERE. I went for a 7km walk this morning (did add in a bit of running too) I feel invincible! I can taste my sucess. I'm in the grove now. Nothing and I mean nothing is going to stop me from getting under 100kg on this round. My body is ready for it. I can feel this burning rage inside of me. I am trying really hard at the moment to combat the arrival fallacy (google it - very good reading). I am about 3kg away from perfectly fitting all of my previous clothes. These clothes were purchased many years ago.

    Feeling great, but a little lost.

    Onward and upward.

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    Gastro, great report.

    What helps me get through the last few days of each round is to focus just on the day I'm in. Those mind games of "almost is just as good as finishing" can get me if I'm not vigilant.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Leez View Post
    Gastro, great report.

    What helps me get through the last few days of each round is to focus just on the day I'm in. Those mind games of "almost is just as good as finishing" can get me if I'm not vigilant.
    Thanks Leez! 100% great advice, the mind is powerful tool but a horrible master at times!

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    Day 26 Phase 2

    Weight: 104.9kg/ 230.78lb

    - 12.6 kg/ 27.72lbs post load

    Daily Average: 1.06lbs/ 0.48kg

    Had my Reformer Pilates this morning, was a really awesome workout. I'm so much stronger than I was 3 months ago. Its amazing how far my body has come. I was temped to do my measurements but will give it another couple of days as I don't want to get too obsessed with it. I had a bit of a meltdown last night, between our country currently having delta sweep through and going in and out of lockdowns its been a bit tough and I have family who are deeply affected my it.

    I did some reframing exercises, but I think its only just hitting me how isolating and lonely this diet can be. I mean it works amazingly but when you don't have a buddy to share it with you it seems to be endless. This is why this forum is so great. You are all so wonderful, its such a safe and welcoming space.

    I do have some good news though. I can now say I fit all of my clothes in my closet (bar 2 shirts, which we'll pop to the side)....Its so fantastic. I have shirts/ pants that I have never worn. About 50% of the clothes were brought as goal clothes. I believed I didn't deserve nice clothes when I was fatter so I brought the next size down. They've sat in my closet for 4 years.

    Best leave it here for the moment.
    Onwards and upwards,


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    Day 27 Phase 2

    Weight: 104.9kg/ 230.78lbs

    I have woken up a little too early and I am off to workout. Something tells me I am actually down this morning but my body hasn't registered it yet. But I'm not worried. I take this tip from Rose, but I think as the diet continues you can just trust that things are working and you weigh every second day.

    Losses are still very solid and I keep checking my average which is a little over 1 pound per day. I am pretty happy with that. My body is continuing to change and I am now noticing that my inches are really coming down. I will post an update later in the week.

    I have had a bit of minor hunger over the past few days. I've upped my dose to an extra 3 pellets per day, however I believe this may be due to the extra exercise I've been doing. On these days I do have an extra melba, just to make sure I have enough fuel in my body.

    YI'm on the home stretch now and have another 9 days to decide if I want to do a PI (while family is Hin town) and then continue on to p2 for another b bag. . Not making this decision lightFg Bbbly, but will honestly just listen to my body and go from there.

    Onward and upward,


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    P.s. Sometimes I will pre write my journal entry for that day and completly forget to post it! So thats why you may get a blast of 2 days at once

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    Day 28 and 29 - Phase 2

    Weight: 104.2kg/ 229.24

    - 13.3kg/ 29.26lbs post load

    Been an interesting couple of days. I had an unexpected family lunch pop up in my home town and I ended up having to go back for that. I was actually really good and had a burger with no bun and a side salad. My body didn't react too horribly.

    I was up at 5.30am on Day 29 so decided not to weigh myself. Went to a spin class and came home to my surprise I was at 104.1kg. Not sure if this was my mind playing tricks on me but I'll take it. I was a little bit chuffed that I mananged to get away with the cheat (no that its something I want to make common place). It could have also had something to do with the spin class, but we won't unpack this any further. Lets move on.

    After some deep thinking on day 29 I have decided this will be my last pellet day. I had been experiencing some intense cravings and my body was very much starting to feel lethargic, moody and I started to contemplate cheats or rather planning my cheats. These are generally my tells for when I need to stop. I am really happy with what I've accomplished this round. I am down 13.3kg/ 29.26lbs which averages out to be a solid 1lbs/ 0.4586kg per day. I am really happy with this average and I feel this particular round has done exactly what I need it to do. I didn't get to my goal of under 100kg, but I have decided to try and get away from the numbers and just celebrate the end result. There's also other factors...

    Like fitting all of my clothes, and being able to wear everything in my closet without seams pulling or feeling uncomfortable. I am stronger, I am also so much fitter than I was 3 months ago. I am feeling beautiful and happy. I am feeling confident again.

    As always I will keep updating throughout P3 to check in. I am still intending to follow my standard rule. No dairy, No carbs, No sugar. P3's have never been too problematic, but in saying that I am very careful with weighing daily and no going in too fast.

    Onwards and upwards,


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    Day 1 Phase 3

    Weight: 103.9kg

    Weight fluctuated somewhat over the past few days. I won't lie I found the 3 days without HCG rather challenging, did add a touch of extra protein as I had a few intense workouts including a 7km run!

    I'm really happy with what this past round has given me its definitly been the thick of it. I'll post measurements soon so you can all see the progression. But essentially I have gone from not fitting anything to almost having to give away pairs of jeans!

    During this round I exercised pretty heavily. I would do reformer pilates 3x per week (1 of these classes would incorporate a spin class in too). I also ran 2x per week, but my stamina is not there yet so I incorporated walking with it as well. I would say I only had one or two days where I really felt horrible the rest of the time the exercise didn't seem to affect me. I was a big advocate for upping my chicken breast size every so slightly. I'd say an extra 30 - 50gm, so basically another half or an extra bread stick. As an interesting side note, when I was feeling really fatiqued I didn't tend to crave bad foods it was more veggies or oils. This was a nice change.

    From a maintaining perspective, I am intending to keep my exercise up to a least 5 times per week (3x Pilates and 2 runs) I will be also be doing the standard meal prep and as a daily rule avoiding carbs, I may let these in sometimes, but honestly my body doesn't respond well to bread anymore and it really isn't worth the pain for one little slice.

    Without getting too ahead of myself I am planning another round which I'll be referring to as the 'definer'. I don't have a definitive date on this yet, but will update. I used the word definer because it really will the round that I get to see my goal body, and It should put me just on 90kg which was where I was 5 years ago. I am certainly more active now so 90kg may look expoentially different. I won't move the goal post just yet.

    Onwards and upwards!


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