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Thread: Round 2 - (The Thick of Itů)

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    Well done! I hope you enjoy P3!!
    Intermountain HHCG
    Goal 150
    P2 6/28
    PI 7/24-8/3
    P2 8/4-8/19
    P3 8/22
    P4 9/13
    LDW 149.2

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    Hi team,

    quick update. Mainataining really well. Doing pretty standard stuff and haven't had any carbs or sugars. Apart from a small piece of liquorice. I am noticing greater stability in my weight on longer rounds (this has been noted by other senior members) and I seem to not experience large flucuations other than 200gm here and there.

    I'm enjoying eating a wider range of foods, did contemplate a longer round, but just listened to my body.

    Onwards and upwards

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