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Thread: Round 2 - (The Thick of It…)

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    Day 6 Phase 2

    Weight: 110.7kg

    Weight's been up and down a little bit the last day or so. My first hop on the scale noted a 111.8kg. I thought this was really strange and tried a a couple of different times. I eventually got too 110.7kg. I think I am not drinking enough water through out the day. I will continue to monitor this. I am also aware that I may be losing inches as well, so my weight not come off as it did in Round 1.

    On a lighter side I tried on my 'goal' clothes and well...I am literally almost there! I know I've been in this moment before. However I this 2021 and I am not going to focus on the past. I have put my clothes in order with the ones I fit on the top of the pile. I am contemplating getting rid of 2 shirts as I just am unsure if they'll fit me soon. I am okay with this. I am determined to not hold on to clothes that are either too big or small for me. This will also give me the added benefit of trusting my clothes more. I am still committed to weighing myself everyday, but I will also be able to track my inches as well. I am planning on checking in once a month to see my measurements.

    Onward and upwards.

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    Day 7 Phase 2

    Weight:110.2kg/ 242.44lbs

    Inital first week cravings have subsided. I am down 7.3kg and interestingly enough. This is the exact same loss as day 7 on my last round. I have decided to just do a 21 day round as I have family coming up to Napier and this would impact my ability to keep doing the diet. In a pinch I may call it a planned interuption and keep going when I get back home but we'll play it by air.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gastronomicfiend View Post
    Weight:110.2kg/ 242.44lbs

    Inital first week cravings have subsided. I am down 7.3kg and interestingly enough. This is the exact same loss as day 7 on my last round. I have decided to just do a 21 day round as I have family coming up to Napier and this would impact my ability to keep doing the diet. In a pinch I may call it a planned interuption and keep going when I get back home but we'll play it by air.
    PIs worked well for me! I would do the same. Looks like you are doing great!
    Intermountain HHCG
    Goal 150
    P2 6/28
    PI 7/24-8/3
    P2 8/4-8/19
    P3 8/22
    P4 9/13
    LDW 149.2
    Maintaining well, but at 160

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    Thank you Round 2 - (The Thick of It…) your support means so much! You’ve had amazing success, might have to review your travel log againRound 2 - (The Thick of It…)

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    Day 8 Phase 2

    Weight: 109.1kg

    Down 8.3 kg as of today. Feeling really good, I have been experiencing a few cravings but nothing that isn't managable. I have found taking an extra dose of pellets seems to help subside it all. I am on the pellets, 3x 3 pellets per day. So I generally take an extra dose around 5pm. It seems to help with any general cravings in the moment. I have continued do my standard work at night to ensure I don't snack or fall off the wagon. I've given away most of my old clothes to a friend who will greatly benefit them, they're lucky to be tall haha!

    I have been comparing my first round and interestingly enough there is not much difference between the 2 on weight loss. It is almost exactly the same. If anything it seems to be more consistent.

    In saying this though, I can feel my body fighting the change though. I don't have the exact numbers sadly, but back in 2017 I was sitting at 105-107kg very comfortably. So this will probably be a bit of a shock to the system and I do feel that once I'm over that 105kg hump this will be the game changer.

    Its funny how with this diet you seem to have so much more time on your hands. I've been reflecting and have put together a bit of a timeline of how I got to 128.8kg. I won't share it just at the moment (still a work in progress), but it really does make you think about the choices you made and how if you had just changed one or two small aspects you could have changed the trajectory of your weight gain. I am not dwelling on the past, but am trying to remember how I got here and what factors lead to it.

    I have decided to only do a 21 day round for this round, as I have family coming into town early October so I don't really want to be on HCG then. I may pick it up after they leave and call it a planned interuption, but we will just see.

    Onward and upward,


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    Day 8 Phase 2

    Day 10 - Phase 2!

    Weight: 108.7kg/ 239.14kg

    Another good drop this morning of 0.300gm. Bit of a rough day yesterday. I felt a negative and went into a bit of a black hole and was thinking horrible thoughts. I was gentle with myself but still took it way further than I should have. I did have a look back at my notes from round 1 and this seems to be a day 10 thing. So I'll keep an eye on it.

    Food wise I've been going a touch rogue, I have been having 3 egg whites with 1 whole egg. I just cannot tolerate anymore prawns they make me want to vomit. I'm also limited with other proteins, my losses don't seem to have slowed down much so if its working I'm not going to worry too much.

    I have decided to leave my measurements for the moment, I know I said I'd do them weekly but I think I'd rather wait till the very end of the diet and then surprise myself.

    I've got a bit of fork in the road coming up which will mean I have to shorten my round or do a PI after day 21. I'm on the fence for both of these. On one hand a planned interuption would be good because I could just hop back on the wagon however the other half of me knows that once I'm finished the diet I'm done and PI's haven't been sucessful for me in the past. This is a bridge we will cross when it comes.

    Onward and upward,


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    Day 11 Phase 2

    Weight: 108.5kg

    Classic middle of the round stuff, losses are slower but however I am still down 0.200gm/0.44lbs which actually is pretty good. I experienced feeling a bit down the day before I think this was mostly due to the hormone it seems to do strange things to me including sending me into a bit of depression. I seem to be able to to recover rather quickly but it still isn't nice. I went for a 6.5km walk/ interval train this morning. Felt pretty energetic and there was no fatigue.

    This is my first round where I will be exercising on the HCG so I'm tracking how I am feeling. I have Pilates 3x times this coming week so may not push myself too hard to get out and walk. Right now, I need to be kind to myself. I am also hoping that with the exercise the loose skin won't be as much as an issue. My body has tighened up well, but there is always a chance.

    I firmly believe that exercise is that missing piece of the puzzle. In previous rounds I have eaten and performed really well on P2, and my losses have always been really solid and consistent...however I've never kept up the exercise in P3. Even just daily or bi-daily walks to keep your body moving. I've been listening to a huge amount of HCG chicka's interviews on her podcasts and exercise after the diet seems to be a massive factor in maintaining and stabalising in the particularly sucessful interviews.

    Onward and upward,


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    A small note to add: I have cut back my exercise a little bit as I was finding I was becoming slightly tired and I wasn't at my best during my classes. My form was not as good. I have also cut back on my walking and interval training. In a nutshell I am being kind to myself. My body is going through a lot and I don't want to push it any further than it has to.

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    Day 12 Phase 2

    Weight: 107.6kg/ 236.72lbs

    Found the nice middle ground of the diet today. I have my routine, and it works. In one word, consistency. If I keep following the protocol it will support me. A fun side note is my losses are almost identical to my last round...even down to the day! I think until I get my body fat down a little more I will continue to have these same losses. I have a bit of a fork in the road coming up this weekend. My father is having his birthday celebration and it was already pushed back due to COVID so I couldn't really say No.

    I did consider doing a PI but I don't have enough days under my belt to warrent this. Instead I will try stay as close to p2 as possible...salad - no croutons etc...I won't say this is a great achievement but I can actually recover from cheats reasonably quickly (based on previous rounds). I also employ the clean eating strategy which seems to serve me well. After this event I will only have 3 days left on HCG and then 3 without so I'll hopefully not put too much of a dent in my losses. In essence I'll keep it small and just move on.

    I do understand I could explain it all too my family and what exactly I'm doing...but the mental energy required far exceeds my reserves so I'll just leave it here. My last round had this same little hick up with friends coming to stay so it is what it is.

    This doesn't need to define my round.

    Onwards and upwards,


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    Day 13 Phase 2

    Weight: 107.5kg/ 236.5lbs

    The BM factor has arrived, am a little bound up today hence the smaller than usual loss. However I am now down 10kg / 22lbs which if you look at the daily average 1.69lbs/ 0.769kg that is pretty impressive and number which I am really happy about.

    I am using the HCG pellets and I am finding them far more effective then the drops, especially where potency is concerned. I find taking an extra 3 tablets in the afternoon seems to help with any cravings that might occur.

    Furthermore, I have also incorporated eggs into my diet the last 3-4 days and they have not affected my losses. Other people may be different, but I needed a change after developing a pretty horrible reaction to prawns.

    Anyway, this round is proving to be rather solid and I am happy with my great results so far and touch wood I have not experienced a gain, stall or bloating that would affect my weight as of yet. I'm not sure what I'm doing differently, but whether or not its luck I'm happy.

    Onwards and upwards,


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    Day 14 Phase 2

    Weight: 106.9kg/ 235.18lbs

    I'll start with the positives today. I am now down 10.6kg/ 23.32lbs which is a fantastic result. I am so thankful for the consistent losses on this round. It has been a lot smoother than what my first one has gone.

    Feeling a little fatigued and glum this morning. I was meant to go for a walk with some interval training this morning but my body just wasn't having it. I made an executive decision to just rest for an extra few hours instead. It was a wise decision. I've had pilates both Monday and Tuesday so I was feeling a little more. Depending on how I feel today, on my exercise day I may add in some extra protein, possibly one extra serving just to be safe. I am certainly burning the calories to make up for it.

    I have just been told that I have family coming into town on Day 24 so I'll be stopping this round at 21 days (and then of course the 3 days without the HCG). I will post a comparison excel spread sheet of my weight day by day at the end of the round as its very interesting to see how its progressed compared by rounds.

    Onwards and upwards,


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    Day 15 Phase 2

    Weight: 107.2kg + 0.300gm

    I won't lie I was a little disappointed to wake up to a gain this morning. I have had such a consistent run of weight loss in the last 14 days with everyday having some form of loss. Its not entirely unexpected though, it is pretty normal. I also have investigated and it appears I haven't had my BM for at least 4 days so fingers crossed for this. I also need to note I did use some magesium cream on my inner thigh last night as it was a little tight after pilates. Upon reflection this may be the culprit. Will remove today.

    I think my body is resisting a bit of change at the moment. I have not been under 105kg since 2017. Its a large change and it is what it is. I am still hoping to get to 102kg for this round as it would really push my confidence up. My stomach is getting flatter now and the inch loss has been pretty awesome.

    Aside from all this, I feel like for the first time in 2 years I can see the light. I've been fighting so hard to get back to a happy place for so many years and I'm on my way. An unexpected benefit of this diet has meant I've been focusing on other areas in my life that needed attention. I do understand that life is a journey and there is no 'real' destination but its funny how once you start giving more to yourself you can expect more...

    Onwards and upwards,


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