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Thread: Round 2 - (The Thick of It…)

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    Well done! I hope you enjoy P3!!
    Intermountain HHCG
    P2 11/27/23
    Interruption 12/21-1/1
    P3 1/23/24

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    Hi team,

    quick update. Mainataining really well. Doing pretty standard stuff and haven't had any carbs or sugars. Apart from a small piece of liquorice. I am noticing greater stability in my weight on longer rounds (this has been noted by other senior members) and I seem to not experience large flucuations other than 200gm here and there.

    I'm enjoying eating a wider range of foods, did contemplate a longer round, but just listened to my body.

    Onwards and upwards

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    Lesson learned…don’t take the pasta salad. Went off the rails yesterday. Back on today.

    Listening to my body…

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    Maintaining at 104.1kg. Really happy with how this round went. Would have loved to get under 100kg but that’s for another day. So thankful for the change in myself and my body.

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    Hi fellow HCG FAM. Just wanted to say Hi, still maintaining at 104.9kg. Have introduced some complex carbs into my diet and have the occasional bit of sugar.

    Lost my momentum a touch, but will be back for my third round early Jan.

    I have a good feeling these last 20kg will be the worst.

    Hope everyone is doing well wherever they are in their journeys.

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