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Thread: Back with another round

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    Monday update:

    209.7 this morning. I have officially crossed the 210 barrier. Tomorrow is LDD unless the scale goes up. If scale goes up, I roll LDD to today. But eating mainly seafood today so expect another .5 to 1lb drop in the morning. Measurements are 36" hips, 21 thighs and just under 33" on waist. That is great and very happy with that.

    Mentally I feel great. This has been a very successful phase 2 and I am excited about my prospects of having a successful phase 3. I am ready to open up the menu a bit, mainly adding in some healthy fats in salads, and of course some fattier cuts of protein. I am really ready for a glass or bottle of wine. But it feels great taking some time away too. I feel I am doing a good job of listening to my body in terms of satisfaction levels while eating. But physically my body is telling me it is time to add some more calories and some fats. But I am not physically hungry if that makes sense. I am sure that come Thursday I will be feeling it when the HCG depletes. In fact that part to me is the proof of whether or not HHCG brings any benefit to the protocol. I really feel its absence that second day of transitioning off as I really feel it presence while loading.

    My goal is to stabilize around the 210 mark and stay there. Tomorrow's final post with LDW will likely be my last post on this thread unless anybody have direct questions or comments.

    My plan is to begin a new P3 thread. As we all know, P3 is the most important part of the diet. I mentioned last Monday that hitting weight was secondary to exiting P2 on a stable plateau. I think I am doing that. I was on the 213-214 plateau most of last week dropping down to 211.6 Friday. I am 2lbs below that now and will be in the same zone tomorrow so my body should be comfortably in the 209-210 range entering P3. Last round, I just dipped into 210.6 for a minute then made that my LDW. Looking back it is plain to see how unrealistic is was to stabilize there. The longer round, stable exit weight range and better frame of mind should make a significant difference. More to come on the phase 3 thread which should drop tomorrow.

    At some point, I really need a new and better plan for phase 4. I would like to work on a 1 week maintenance diet to help beat back the creeping weight. No alcohol, protein only coming from seafood and eggs, main source of fat would be avocado oil, dry cheese (parmesan feta etc), olives and avocados (sparingly). But that is for another day.

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    Way to go wilsonblack! I find your updates quite helpful in my own weight loss journey. Thank you!

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    thank you very much, Natalie.

    Update: I had an unexpected weight gain this morning to 211.0 so am making yesterday my last dose day. I am using yesterday's weight of 209.7 as my LDW and will try to stabilize there. My prediction is that I might spend more time in the 210-211 range but we will see.

    This is my last post on this thread as all future posts on this round will be on my new P3 thread linked below. So please follow me there and let's see how this goes

    A new Phase 3 thread for WilsonBlack

    Summing up the phase 2 portion of this round, I have to say this was a great success. So far. Very happy with the results. 28lbs lost and 5 inches off of my hips and waist is very good. I really like doing the long round with planned interruption in the middle. But it was a long process time wise. I look back to the beginning of this round and it seems like a lifetime ago. Not sure how I would feel about doing it again. But if I were in a position wanting or needing a longer round, then this is the way to do it. I am hoping the longer round will help me stabilize better. It will be extremely interesting to see how I respond during phase 3.

    So with all of that said, l am off to the other thread. Hope to see y'all there.

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