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Thread: 01/20/10 Official Weigh-In

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    Hi all,
    I just LOVE to open that thread today! that hcg is really worth ist.
    My day yesterday was not too good. I felt a bit nervous and shaky (more mentally than physical), kind of hungry.
    So I had chicken and leaf beet for lunch, fish soup with cod in the evening and had both apples in between.
    And even had a protein shake in between!
    I think I did not drink enough in the morning. So will change that today and get all kinds of tea in it that I can!
    But going on the scale this morning inspired me for today!
    R1 P2 VLCD3 - lost 2 pounds yesterday, what makes a total loss of 4.67.
    I know it wont continue like that, but it is a good start!
    Losing 2 pounds would normally take me 3 weeks!
    Wish you all a great and successful day!
    Birgit, who can do everything for 40 days!

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    Super Chief-Ninja Moderator grammy1952's Avatar
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    5 rounds, down 78# and at goal
    Good job! Keep me posted, birgit. If you're hungry, weak and shaky, you might need to adjust your dose. Hoping today is better though!
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    pre-load weight 292.6
    R3P2D19 - 278.2
    1.1 lb. loss
    total net loss - 14.4
    avg. daily loss - .76

    My original goal was to break 270 for this short round, so I will probably extend the round until I reach that goal and then take off 6 weeks before doing another short round.

    I've also decided not to skip a day each week, as then I would not be getting 23 shots. I skipped a day each week on my last round (short) and wonder if that may have also played a part in my difficulty with stabilizing, since I essentially only had 20 injections and not the 23 that Dr. S. says is mandatory.


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    Morning everyone!

    wanted to get my post in early so I could start my day. I was more hungry yesterday than I was hoping for, but I had physical therapy in the morning, then work, I ate an apple there, but nothing else until 1:00. I came home and really contemplated not continuing with this, but decided that I should at least continue thru the day, and see if it paid off at all. by the time I went to bed, I was stuffed... this morning I was glad I did! down 3 lbs after the first vlcd... YAY I know that amount won't continue, but it was nice to see a loss, and seeing I only gained 1 lb during loading I am pretty happy!

    load day 1 167
    laod day 2 168
    vlcd 1 165

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    Pike County, Missouri
    R2-P2 Homeopathic hCG
    You all are doing soooo GREAT! Exciting, isn't it?

    Down another 1.5 pounds. Woo hoo!!!

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    Birgit - you combined beef and chicken for lunch? You did well on your loss, but I wouldn't continue that. It might goof up your losses in the future. Great loss though

    Well, I FINALLY broke my stall.
    Beginning weight - 143
    After Load - 145
    VLCD 17 - 132 That's 1.6 less than yesterday. I had gotten stuck on 134 for 6 days. I cheated the first 2 of those days though so it's my own fault.


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    Jan 2010
    near the DC area
    4th round..injections
    +3 POUNDS!
    Getting pretty discouraged...I think I am losing more slowly than anyone on the forum..;o(
    total loss: 5

    only thing I can think is that I was told I could use aveeno lotion and I bought some yesterday..my hands were killing me!
    I have baby lotion but I guess because water is the first ingredient...it wasn't helping..

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    Mommy24, Up 3 pounds?! That IS discouraging. I'd go back to the baby lotion. I know it's hard!! I put it on all day long since my hands are SO dry, and it doesn't really feel like it penetrates very good. But, I know it's only for a season. What kind of HCG are you on? Have you cheated? Are you doing enough HCG?


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    All SMILES this morning .. I think my stall is finally over! DOWN 1.4 this morning... YAY Congrats to everyone on their losses today!!

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    Aug 2009
    after 4 rounds I am in lifetime maintenance
    Good morning all!!!!

    I was down the .8 that I was up yesterday so that made me happy. Only 12 more lbs. till my ultimate goal if my body will let me lose that much. I'm just going till I stop or till I hit goal. I am starting to feel a littl bony except for in my belly so I am hopeing that is where it is going to come off of from now on.


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    So can anyone post on these official weigh ins?
    VLCD 3 back down to liw 138.6, 1.4 loss from yesterday, okay now it's time to get down to business : )

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    I am up .2 today... up.6 yesterday! frustrated... I skipped the omlette because someone said I wasn't stalled, but tonight, when I get home from my class I am having the omlette... I hope that enables me to lose this and maybe a touch more? I am so close only 10 lbs from my goal weight and I seem to be hovering here...I can't get past this number down ... i am only about 1 lb after all this from my LIW and so frustrated without moving more quickly I work so hard at this, I don't cheat, not once and I am taking calm, so things are moving, I just don't understand..

    I have a lunch out so I can't eat the omlette at lunch, but I will do it for dinner for sure!!!! Want to break past this!!!!! sorry, this is annoying!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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