Hi, I'm really needing an answer to this. I have been planning a 2 week vacation with our family and grandbaby to the mountains. I will be in week 5 and 6 on P3/4 (am i saying this right??) How horrible will it be if i go bonkers a couple of days. bonkers means, hotdogs and smores on day for cookout, a steak dinner once or twice, etc. Will i screw up the whole thing or just risk gaining a few pounds back. I can manage gaining a few pounds back but DO NOT want to mess up the whole "resetting my metabolism" thing. I plan on hitting back with r2 p1 when i get back (still grabbing my terminology here, so forgive me if i got it all screwed up, but hope yu get what im getting at) Basically i want to not worry about dieting for 2 weeks. I've planned this 2 years and its a big anniversary for my hubby and I. He wants me to put off the whole thing until we get back, but i want to lose atleast 30lbs before we go!!

I figure i have 3 rounds of this atleast before i hit goal. thanks so much!