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Thread: 2010 P3 Lounge!

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    Mama, I wouldn't stop now. I am taking the CALM, and plan to keep going until I am finished with P3 at least. It is hard for the body to process all this protein we are eating. If I don't go I fear the steak day!

    However, superchick, the smooth move can be a little rough on system for so many weeks. I have taken it for 2 weeks, for lemonade cleanse, but I think it is rough. You should maybe try THE CALM, which is magnesium based, you can buy at most health food stores and it is gentle. If you want a break but are afraid to go completely off of "help."

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    oh, also maybe consider getting dygestive enzymes, probiotics, or HCL to help with digestion. I am back to taking my HCL in addition to The Calm.

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    Hey kids...looks like I'll be joining you on Friday. Unless I decide to do the 72 hours instead of 3 calendar days. Mama didn't you say you found you did better on the 3 calendar days instead of the 72 hours...I thought you were the one who said that.
    Jeremiah 29:11 Blessings, Lisa

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    OMG I am in the same boat I take smooth move every night and it is for sure working(probably too much.. and its not healthy I am sure)! But I don't want to stop.. then I worry about the scale! Where do I get HCL? I am having troubles digesting my food..I won't go into detail! But if it can resolve my problem that would be great!

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    Lis...I am joining you Saturday Interested in which is better also. I am so ready to be in P3

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    Y'all, If you can still tolerate the acv....Keith was mentioning that it aids digestion because the acetic acid helps to break down the food. And if you stay with Bragg's it has "Mother" which will help your body with any weird toxins too.

    The potty stuff.....I'd recommend a colonic. I tried a colon cleanse from my healtfood store. I have an entire comedy routine on the Constipation thread based upon my experience with this product. YIKES. Now I don't have any idea what to do with this ground up "bark mulch" because I had to throw it away...yet if I bury it under a tree...I'm sure it's leaves will fall off! Yeah...how's that for losening things up?
    Jeremiah 29:11 Blessings, Lisa

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    Hi Smile, I think food allergies can start by eating things over and over, I could be wrong though. Today I had 2 chicken legs and avocado for breakfast and just had a steak (rib eye) and a tomoato for lunch (small tomato) Was yummy... will have chicken leg for snack if I need it...

    I am cutting greek yogurt out for 2 more days at least... Today is day 5 for me... last p3 I wasn't as clear as what things could be the problem because I did too much at once. I am going to eat REALLY CLEAN and not so much whip cream and blue berries... tee hee....

    I am not even going to do protein shakes today... will see what the scale says tomorrow and then try again with those...

    the only cream I am having will be in my coffee...dinner tonight will be a huge salad with chicken and or beef and or tuna! good luck everyone...

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    Okay does anyone else get sick after having mug cake. I just vomited in my trash can of my office. Nice ...WTH! The cleaning lady is going to be pissed..... I had this feeling like it was just not going to go down and sure enough....it came right back up.... Sorry for the gorry details, but this is the first time anything like that has happened to me and I HATE throwing up.....

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    OMG Small...I had my first mug cake last night (made with coconut oil and coconut flour) and I ate about 3/4 of it and felt like I was having major heartburn or something. I had to throw the rest away and had to lay on my ottoman for a while for tummy to calm down. It was weird!!!!! I didn't feel naseous per se but certainly didn't feel good. I do not think I'll be trying mug cake again anytime soon....

    Was this your first one too?

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    Yes, I was so excited to try it also, but I think I will be putting this recipe in the CAUTION file. I still feel sick even after throwing up. I am going to go home and lay down. I made mine with Coconut oil and cocnut flour as well...could that be it??? I make cookies and other cakes with those ingredients as well and never have had a problem.... OHHHHHHH MY TUMMMMMYYYYY ACHHHHHHHHES!!!

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    Yes it is definately a heartburn sort of pain....like it won't go down. I think it all came up though and I still don't feel good....

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    Mama maui....you asked about my food intake....here is my list of stuff from yesterday (and I was up 2.4 today):

    Protein shake (whey protein, very low carbs, made with water)
    2 egg spinach and mushroom/swiss omelet
    2 slices no-sugar-added bacon (I know this might have been problematic because of the nitrates...but 2.4 pounds from 2 slices???)
    Coffee with half & half

    Veggie lasagna (using zucchini instead of pasta and no sugar added tomato sauce...double checked the ingredient list...ricotta, provolone, mushrooms, eggplant)
    Cauliflower with butter and a little cheese

    Pear baked with xylitol and ginger root and drizzled with heavy cream

    Another serving of the veggie lasagna

    Mug cake (ate about 3/4 before I felt sickies so threw the rest out)

    Had over 2200 calories, so I'm sure I'm eating "enough!"

    Thanks for any thoughts you might have!!!

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