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Thread: 2nd Week Vlcd... Any Salad Dressings Suggestions??

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    I am on my 2nd week of eating low calorie.. not sure how to state that with abbreviations. I still dont get that! Does any one know any good salad dressing recipes?? Also, where I can get some recipes that are ok for me at this stage. I notice a lot on phase three but what about the beginning?? Help! thnx!

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    There are lots of different recipes if you just do a Google search. Most people use vinegar and/or mustard and Stevia for dressing. You can use raspberry flavored Stevia, add some salt, pepper and herbs (I like tarragon) to make it pretty tasty. Some also use braggs liquid aminos or salsa as a salad dressing, but make sure if you try salsa it has no added oil or sugar (organic is usually better). Some are against mixing vegetables so if you use salsa with tomatoes and onions, it's technically "off protocol."

    I also used Walden Farms dressings on occasion. They do have Splenda in them, so if you are against that, they probably aren't for you. I got sick of all the vinegar and wanted something creamy once in a while so they worked for me.

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    thnx straightscoop! is waldens hcg protocol for vlcd week 2??

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    I use pounds and inches away salad dressing and it is hcg protocol. I use as a marinade too yummy you can get at

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    its so dang expensive! $9 to ship thats crazy.. Im lookin around first last result Ill order!

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    yes I know I have a store here so they don't have to ship it. sorry

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    Here's two:

    Honey Mustard
    - Mustard
    - Stevia
    - Salt
    - Water

    Mix to desired consitency

    Strawberry Vinagrette

    - Strawberries
    - Apple Cider Vinger
    - Stevia
    - Salt
    - Lemon Juice

    Puree in blender

    I don't measure, so just add a little of each until you get it how you like it.

    Hope that helps!

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    I put apple cider vinegar, Stevia, salt, and garlic powder on cucumbers but it would be good on salad too.

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    I have used Waldon Farms dressings and sauces (Asian, Ranch, and BBQ) these are around $3.50 at Drug Imporium.
    I also just found a fantastic new product that is called True Lemon. It is a crystalized lemon that you sprinkle on anything you want. Has no salt,preservatives,or sweeteners. It takes the place of a real lemon in recipes and dressings. I absolutely love love love it in phase I on raw cucumbers and on baked fish. This is a new company and they have free samples to give you. it also is available in orange and lime! They have sugar free lemon and lime aide mixes also. Visit their website and check out the free samples at


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