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Thread: 3 Load Days?

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    Did anyone do 3 load days? I went out last yesterday (2nd load day) and had a little too much fun. Needless to say, I can't NOT eat something greasy when I am super hungover.

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    My mom had to do 3 load days because she didnt eat enough the second day. its fine,

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    What does the original protocol say? I can't find where it says the days.

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    2 days in the original protocol. Was today supposed to be your first diet day?

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    Yep :-( I know ppl say 3 loading days is ok. I hope I didn't screw up already.

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    after 4 rounds I am in lifetime maintenance
    I did three load day on my last round and did fine I did gain an extra lb. but to me it wasn't that big of a deal.



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