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Thread: 5 Things You Wish You Would Have Known Before Starting Protocal....

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    I only have one so far

    I wish I would have known about this diet 10 years ago. surreal that i came across it completely by mistake.. I feel blessed..

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    I love this thread as well.

    Toothpaste. I have read a few things on this forum about toothpaste.

    I live in Thailand and recently traveled to India. I like Colgate, the original one. Wanting to get a smaller size to take with me I grabbed what I thought was a normal, original tube from the "travel section" at the grocery store. I almost gagged when I brushed my teeth in Bombay! The toothpaste is SALTY!!! It was all I had brought so we had to muddle through it. After a few days, I kind of liked it! It left my mouth MUCH better feeling afterward. Hard to describe why exactly.

    I just grabbed it from my travel bag to look at ingredients and....it's all in THAI. I have no idea what it is! ha! Of the few English sub-titles on the tube, two say "Active salt" and "micro salt".


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    Wow, great thread!!

    I wish someone would have told me (at age 13) that the scale could be my coach, friend and accountability partner.
    I wish I would have told everyone I was on a "yeast cleanse" instead of a diet.
    (This really works, everyone leaves you alone. I found this out after some "nay-sayers" tried to sabotage my efforts!)
    I wish I would have taken B-Complex and liquid minerals from the beginning. (less hair would be down the drain!)
    I wish I would have known how to listen to my body years ago. My ears clog and legs itch when I eat wheat and yogurt ~ I know now!!!
    I wish I would have known the difference between emotional eating and hunger a long time ago!
    I wish for this program to get into the hands of all who need it!

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    I wish I would have known about this forum before I started my injections
    I wish I would have eaten more on day 1 of my 2 day load
    I wish I would have known to wear golves when touching any fats (made me stall)
    I wish I would have known my weight would fluctuate durring TOM
    I wish I knew about hCG a LONG time ago!

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    I wish I would have known about this forum and all this wonderful knowledge before I paid way too much money to a clinic that didn't give nearly as much help.
    Part 2 of above...I wouldn't have taken 6 months to give in and do this diet had I found this forum earlier...answered so many questions and gave re-assurances on other things.
    I wish I had known that constipation was to be expected...no, it's not just that you aren't eating enough!
    I wish I had known that IF I did have a melt-down and cheat even once I would feel so physically miserable the next day (lesson learned!, I'm human...movin' on!)
    I wish I had known that you don't have to eat all organic foods...yes, be very careful with your meats (growth hormones) but it's ok if you don't buy all organic veggies & fruit (Organic was drilled into me before I started this and NOT by anyone on this forum. the cost of that stuff alone freaked me out).
    I wish there were more open-minded people so that they don't immediately freak out when they hear I'm injecting something into my body or only eating 500 calories a day.

    R1 starting weight 200.4lbs
    Current weight after R2 161lbs
    19.5 inches lost
    Currently in P4

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