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Thread: 5'6" Females, Let's Compare Numbers!!

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    Wow!!! I feel like I am crazy!! I am 5'6" and am super happy about being in a size 12, a 10 would be phenomenal for me! And all of you are talking about sizes 4 & 6, I couldn't even imagine!! Also, my goal weight is 154, which is like 20 lbs more than the rest. I started out on Nov. 3rd and am just winding up my 2nd round. Started at 187, currently at 157.6 lbs. I may have to rethink my goal...maybe I will just take a 2 week break and finish a long round of R2P2.

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    jenbopper I am with you...size 4 & 6...no way I will ever get there. I am down to the sz 10, 12 range. I am 39 and previously lost 45 pounds on weight watchers but got stuck at 189. So I started HCG to get rid of my remaining weight. I have 2 boys, ages 8 and 12. I am in Phase 2, day 29 and down 16.1 pounds but LOTS of inches so I am estatic. This week kinda sucked for me. I started off loosing a pound last Sunday, I gained it on Monday, lost it on Tuesday, gained it on Wednesday, finally lost it for good on Thursday and have kept it off. My goal is to get to 163 and I am only 10 pounds away. I am hoping I can do it in the next 11 days (I am on a 41 day protocol). So I will be done. I will never be real skinny because of my body structure but just happy as hell to be 173 today.

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    Hi everyone! I am 5'6" and maybe 3/4 (:~D), too...

    I am 44 and have five kids: 1 boy-18, and 4 girls-16,14,11,and 9 next week. I'm a homeschool mom and my husband and I own an internet business. Life is good and I feel very blessed!

    My lowest weight ever was about 135 at age 18 and I am aiming to get back to that. I think we all have to realize that our bodies are different (bone structure, build, musculature, etc). Much as I would love to be 125, I am just not sure it is feasible for my particular situation. Those of you that can do it, though, GO FOR IT!

    I started this protocol at 192 and have lost pretty steadily. I had one 5 day stall that was difficult, but the apple day broke it up for me. I've only lost 3 pounds this week, but TOM is here so I am happy to lose any at all! I have currently shed 24.6 pounds and am sitting at 167.4 on VLCD36. My rate of loss is about 0.70 pounds per day!

    So glad to see the comparisons - this is a fun thread! Fascinating that there are so many of us here that have almost the same stats in terms of where we started and what we are aiming for.


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    Kiange - I did the detox bath two nights ago. It was very relaxing, but the next day I was extremely itchy, and I had red bumps around my body in different locations. My one friend thinks I put way too much epson salts in the tub. I used 2 cups of epson salts, 1 cup of baking soda, about 1/2 cut of sea salts, and about a tsp of ginger (that's all I had). I didn't lose anything yesterday, but I dropped 1.2 this morning. I don't think I'll be doing it again...it just wasn't worth this discomfort. But that was me, so it may go better for you.

    Jenpopper - You're not crazy! I too can't see being in a size 4/6. I'd love to be at 150. That would put me in a size 8, but I'd still be comfortable in size 10. Plus, if I go smaller, I'd have to buy a whole new wardrobe! It's not that big of deal to me to be that small. My clothes run from size 16 down to size 10...with a few 8s. Of course, after this is all done, I should get rid of my larger clothes, like they say to do. Psychologically, I know I should do that!

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    Nov 2009
    Correction Round (been a year since last), P2, patches
    I'm 5'6", 41, mother of 3, and currently loading for R2. Pre-load weight for this round was 152.2. Since I'm still loading, I have no idea yet what all I'll gain. I'll start VLCD tomorrow. My goal is at least 15 lbs. this round. First round I lost 15 in 23 days.

    Violette - I don't know how you're in a size 2 at 130 (jealous here). I was 130 for years when I was in my late teens and early 20s and in incredible shape (high school and college athlete) and only fit a size 6. I'd say I have a medium frame. My goal is to at least be able to wear a loose 8 again but would, of course, love to be a 6 again. We'll see.

    Started R1 at 167 - very tight size 12
    Ended R1 at 152 - relatively loose size 10 (some 10s still tight, most loose)
    Currently doing a correction round
    Using patches (1st time)
    P2 - 7 lbs to goal

    Loving Christ Ministries
    Author of Finding God, Creating Me

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    Ok 5'6 I am in R2P2Day8 and I am doing terrible!!
    Pre-load 152.6
    Post-load 156.6
    Liw 140.4 (could have been 138 but I Cheated)

    My current weight is 147!!!

    I am down to a size 2 (hopefully it stays that way).

    I am doing my first steak day today, I know, I should have done it 5 pounds ago, but I was so frustrated this time around not being in control. I keep eating what I want when I want. HELP!!

    Do you think I can get back down??????

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    Sheesh Kanyenk, you must be all muscle to weigh 147 and be in a size 2. I'm impressed.

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    kanyenk, are you in P2 or P3? It sounds more like P3. I wish I could be a size 2 at 140, way to go!!! I weighted in at 134.2 today and, although I have not tried on clothes in a while, my worn-in 3/4 still fit me comfortably. Have you seen a lot of reshaping?

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    well, I'm 5'7 so I hope its ok if I join the club. My starting weight was 162 after load. I'm now at 148 on D22P2. I'm just getting back into my size 8's (still snug though). My goal is 135-137 which is a size 4. I have 4 kids ages 3-7. Between them all I've always managed to get back to 135 but I've seriously stalled after the 4th and I couldn't get it off. I am so thankful for this diet because IT IS WORKING!!! I had a bad stall last week for 6 days that really got me down and I also found out I've been seriously overdosing my Hcg for the first three weeks. But now I have my dosage until control and I am really looking forward to finishing the last half of this journey...just 10 more lbs to go!

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    I am 47, 5'7, mother of 1, (27 year old.) This is R1VLCD16, doing shots and diet threw a Dr. and clinic. No preload, the beginning I was so weak I didn't know if I could stay on the diet but the losses keep me going. Beginning weight 191, today 179.5, up from 178.8 yesterday. On top of that I started my TOM after not having one since Sept! I wear a size 11 pants. I don't know if I need to quite taking the HCG while on TOM or not. I have mixed info and the clinic is closed today.

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    sthemuz well I tried the detox bath my water was not hot enough my skin kinda burned a little and Iam only down .2

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    Gettingbacktofit- I have always had alot of muscle- its genetics for me- my whole family are muscleheads lol!

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