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Thread: 6 day stall !??

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    6 day stall !??

    hi, help! days 1-11 I was doing awesome, got to 143 (-10), then i got my TOM and went to 146. I had a friend in town and cheated a little but i mean, minimally, seriously.

    its been 6 days, TOM is over (and was weird), and I am still stalled at same weight of 146. I am doing just as I was during week 1 w/ food and stuff. this is mega frustrating. help..? I have heard of the apple day but I also hear its all mental. any suggestions?

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    You could try an apple day. They've worked well for me in the past. Or, just hang in there because it will come off if you're following protocol. Are you near a previous set point?
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    Stalls are normal. Longer stalls after a cheat of any kind are normal. But it is also a great time to review what you are eating and what cosmetics/personal care items you are using just to make sure you're following everything perfectly. Have you had anything you shouldn't have, like turkey, broccoli, zucchini, mushrooms, coconut oil, etc?

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    I am doing the exact same thing as i was week 1 (which was successful)... im vegetarian so i adapt the plan for that, but its never been an issue. i did hcg like 2 years ago also. anyway this stall nonsense sucks! i know vegetarians lose slower but this is straight up stall. i was down .5 today but, i mean cmon...

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    I was stalled for 15 days on my first round. Eventually I started losing again

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