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Thread: Advice re using pellets after rx injections - anyone done this

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    Advice re using pellets after rx injections - anyone done this

    I have done the HCG previously using RX injections which I obtained via doctor's RX and a compounding pharmacy made them up for me at very reasonable price. I want to do another round but I only have one 21 day RX left. I don't think 21 days is long enough and as the Dr was very reluctant giving me the RX in the first place, I have no desire to go back begging or the $ and frustration of digging in the haystack finding another Dr - been there done that as I had to go the rounds looking for a Dr who would help; so frustrating; happy to offer me phentermine though!!

    Anyway, I was wondering if I did the 21 days on injections and purchased some Intermountain drops (because they are the cheapest I can find - I can't afford the others especially as I am from overseas and our currency rate is woeful). The problem is I am uncertain if IM drops are the real deal and especially after doing injections. I emailed the company asking if there was real HCG in the pellets and they wrote their pellets haven't changed over the years which I assume yes.

    Sorry to ramble but does anyone know if IM pellets have enough HCG in them to be effective. I don't want to compromise my metabolism by continuing with 500 cals on placebo; and most importantly do these pellets even work? Thanks in advance

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    Hi I did injections and then switched to intermountain pellets and I have had an excellent experience with them. I am on round 3 of the pellets and have lost 57 lbs so far. I find I have a little more hunger on the pellets than with the injections but nothing I can't overcome with coffee or water. Good luck!

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    Thanks so much for your input and that's great to hear on your amazing weight loss.


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