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Thread: Alcohol on Load Days

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    Is it okay to drink alcohol on your load days?

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    My aunt is starting her load days today and asked me the same question, as I'm now on P3...I told her I would think it's probably fine, although I was looking for a reason to STOP drinking, so I personally didn't do it. Though, this is only my first round, so maybe someone will comment who's done it a few times. Good luck on the days to come!!

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    Thank you. It's my fiance's 30th birthday next week and I'm throwing him a surprise party and just wondering when to start. I'm very anxious

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    It's recommended that you load on healthy fats...the risk of not doing that is that you will be hungrier during the first part of hcg.

    Now my personal experience...I did drink beer on my loading days and I had no hunger at all on hcg (until later but that was totally unrelated to loading).

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