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Thread: Why am I sooo hungry?

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    Why am I sooo hungry?

    I've been doing the Drops since the 14th. I caved last night and had some pizza. I started back at my normal routine this morning though.
    I have been doing 6 drops 6x a day. I have the hCG 12X,30X,60X drops.

    I have been drinking plenty of water today and some tea. I'm hungry though.
    I had a chicken spinach salad for lunch with 6 grape tomatoes. After that I waited about 45mins and took my drops. That was about 20mins ago. I feel so hungry. Like starting to get shakes and bitchy hungry. LOL

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    I found that spinach for a salad doesn't satisfy me so I switched to "Hearts of Romaine" that you cut yourself and not the pre-cut lettuce. I use one stalk per salad which has been working for me.

    Have you had your fruit?

    I have my first fruit around 10 or 11 am with my grissini; have lunch at 1:30 pm and then dinner before 8. I have my second fruit after dinner. I make a strawberry slushie [P2 friently] as a treat. It is like having ice cream. I've had that everyday for the past week.

    It is so simple to make:

    1/2 C. Water
    3-4 packs of Truvia
    1-2 Caps - Sugar Free Tarani - Vanilla or French Vanilla
    1/4 of a Lemon [not Lemon Concentrate]
    6-8 Frozen Strawberries [unsweetend]

    Put these into a blender or personal smoothie maker and blend until "frothy".

    Add: 4-5 Ice Cubes and 1/3 - 1/4 cup of Water.

    Blend until the ice has broken up and blended. Put in a straw and enjoy. If you want 'drizzle' and blend in th last 1/4 cup of water to the consistency you like.

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    In P4 after R1. Will be doing R2 soooon!
    Hi CF... you may have to reduce or increase your Drops... I reduced from 4 to 3 pellets, and it left me alot less hungry... give that a try. Also, technically, we're not supposed to be mixing our veggies... salad OR tomato...not both. I'm finding the least little bit of 'tweaking' can make a difference to how manageable/successful this diet is. Hope this helps.
    Carpe Diem !

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    I totally forgot about mixing veggies and how it is a no no! Thank you for reminding me...woops. I think I am going to try reducing my Drops first.
    I know that in the beginning, I think I was using way too many cause my bottle is like only 1/4 full now maybe a little more.
    The smoothie sounds really yummy! Will have to test it out. =)
    I had my fruit an orange this morning about 9:30am-10am. Then lunch about 1:30 or so...hmmm thank you for the replies!

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    i stick to one veggie per meal and usually have a tomato or a cucumber, i find these make me feel fuller. For either one, i cut it up and add a bit of apple cider vinegar, salt and pepper for flavor.

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    I would adjust your Drops first. You will have to experiment and see if you need less or more.

    As for mixing veggies I will admit I mixed more the one at a time with no problems. Lost over 40 pound my first round. I did extend my round to 48 days. I never mixed more then two at a time though.

    Protein could be another issue. You may need more. If you have a active job or life style and your not buying organic meat then increase it by about 1/2 ounce to 1 ounce. I did this as well because I just cant afford all this organic stuff.

    I did count my calories at first just to get a feel for how much I was eating. One cup of spinach and a 6 cheery tomatoes only has only about 10 calories in it. Your chicken at 3.5 ounces has 131 calories in it. That's 141 in calories unless you used some dressing or cooked you chicken in an something like coconut oil. Your calories may be way lower then the 500 for the day so keep track for a few days to be sure your hitting closer to the 500.

    I ranged between 500 and 575 a day and stil lost fine.

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    If after adjusting your dosage and you are still hungry, instead of eating 'naughty' food to satisfy your hunger, just up your protein.


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