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Thread: Apple Cider Vinegar

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    You will notice it is cloudy and has sediment, just give it a gentle shake and mix! see above about mother

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    I am taking the ACV tablets. I hope it works as well. I take 2 before each meal.

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    nanny27, do they seem to help? I have only used the liquid Bragg's

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    I have done acv off and on for years (nothing consistent). But I am getting ready to start 'loading' for rd. 3. I haven't gained any weight, even tho I eating a lot. And I haven't been 'perfect' on P3 either. So I will probably just keep taking it while loading and on into P2. My friend swears by it for wt. loss for years. I figured why not give it a shot this time. And it has other health benefits.

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    k i did my 2tbsp and water last night and no loss yet. gosh i feel soo bloated and gross from all the water i havebeen drinking! i will try it again today but if no loss tomorrow i QUIT acv(taste terrible)

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    I only used apple cider vinegar in my cupboard from wal-mart. also didn't eat my orange that night. that's when I lost 2lbs but that was also only about halfway thru P2. not sure if that made a difference .

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    Well I lost .6 lbs yesterday, which was my first day off HCG. I don't know if it had anything to do with the Apple Cider Vinegar, but that's pretty good. I also cheated with a few Sun Chips, so I can't complain. I'm going to try it again today, but this time stick to the 500 calorie protocal.

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    I just tried 1.5 tsp of acv in water before lunch. I started dry heaving (sorry) afterwards. It tasted rotten. Is that normal? I bought a brand called "Tree of Life" organic, raw unfiltered. It has the Mother in it.

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    i like to test my pH on a reglar basis when i'm not on the diet. i maintain a healthier weight when i am closer to or above neutral. i test very acidic when i'm on the diet. i wasn't sure if it was the HCG itself, or the high amounts of animal protein. after taking the ACV twice yesterday, my pH was up to a 7. food for thought

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    its supposed to be an amazing panacea or heath "Cure all"
    I do 3 tsb each morning diluted w/ water.
    Not sure if it helps or not , but ive been keeping it up.

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    I have taken apple cider vinegar for years off and on. It taste a little better if you put warm water in it instead of cold, and just "slam"it!

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