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Thread: Atkins on HCG?/??

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    Now Someone asked me this question and i didnt know the answer. What if you did the Atkins diet on the hcg would you get the same results?

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    bluejay, the basis of the weight loss on hcg is still the vlcd. Most atkins diets have too many calories and too much fat to get the results you get with the vlcd and hcg. So, the answer i believe is no, you would not get the same results, in fact you might gain weight doing that.

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    Atkins is HIGH in FAT and LOW in Carbs! The protocol is more like low fat, high carbs, high protein. I think cutting your fat intake is what makes us lose weight faster, along with the low cals.

    I think if you could keep your fat low, cals low, and carbs low, it might work. But, if I were you, I would just stick to the protocol. You can eat Atkins in P3 (cause that is what it basically is, No sugar, No starches!) and for maintenance. I did atkins since 2004 and lost 72 pounds. I had maintained till late last year and gained weight due to marriage and pregnancy. I am using HCG to reset my hypothalamus and lose weight. Then I will switch back to Atkins to maintain for life.

    Best wishes to you :-)

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    I forgot to asked a REALLY good question. I have thought about it myself. But, decided to do the protocol as written :-)

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    VLCD is very specific about avoiding fats. The whole premise of Atkins, as I understand it, is eating a lot of fat and protein, and very few carbs. The Atkins principles apply more to P3, but even then, you can eat fruit in P3.

    But, why do Atkins when hCG works so much better all by itself? With Atkins you can get sick of meat in a big hurry (ask me how I know). With hCG, you have a wide range of food options once you get the weight off and reset your hypothalamus. It's eating that just feels healthier: lean meat, fruit, veggies, healthy (and sometimes unhealthy) snacks. Sounds pretty good to me.

    It's funny how so many people want to combine methods instead of doing what is required in just one. If they want to do Atkins, why not just do it? But, I can almost guarantee they will have that weight back in 6 months. I had so many friends try Atkins, and some lost significant amounts of weight. As soon as they fell off the wagon, the weight came right back on. It wasn't sustainable for them. The freedom of eating a whole pack of bacon in one sitting isn't so exciting when you get sick of bacon and the thought of eating meat, meat, meat becomes depressing.

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    @Russ: You are right! However, I kept my weigh off for 3 years - but failed to protect my losses. I mostly ate lean meats and green leafy veggies on Atkins when I was committed. But, I agree eating a balance of lean meats, veggie, fruit, whole grains, etc is better... and I feel better eating THIS way!

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    russ i am so sorry to offend you i was just curious, and i didn tknow if it worked, In fact i do feel fantatic on this hcg diet. In fact i lost 26lbs in 2 weeks and i feel great!!! but i love the advice

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    @Bluejay: OMG! Congrats to you! Keep up the good work! I'm rooting for ya!

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    thank you I was 340 because of my profession but now that i am done playing football i am trying to lose as much as possible. In fact i went on atkins in may and lost 50 lbs

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    it would never work because HCG is very sensitive to fat. Remember that you have to stay on the VLCD until all of the hcg is out of the system?

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