Just a heads up, as I checked out this site after receiving a PM from a forum member. Do NOT buy from them- they don't have a clue what they are doing. They are selling "prescription"-strength hcg and saying it will last for 60 days or longer. That is not true. When mixing for drops, you should mix fresh hcg every 2 weeks, as hcg starts to degrade after 14 days.

I don't recommend anyone ever use hcg for longer than 23 days without mixing fresh, and personally I would not use it past 14 days. The dose they give you is 100-200 iu's per day, and you should be on a starting dose of 333 iu's per day.

Basically, almost everything on their site is incorrect. Remember- the fact that you are losing weight is NOT proof that something is "working", because you lose weight due to the diet. Even not being hungry is not necessarily proof, since many people lose their appetite after several days simply because the calorie count is so low.

I'm not back on the forum so I won't be answering questions here- I just wanted to pass on the warning. -Margie