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Thread: Baby Oil and HCG

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    I thought baby oil was the one that we could use and I did. I have now gained 1.6lbs over a two day period. So how long before it's out of my body and I can start losing again? I have been trying so hard to get below 200 and now I'm back up to 205.6 where I've been for about a week.
    I'm just beginning to think 199 is never going to show on the scale.

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    I thought baby oil was ok too. thats too bad about your gain. you'll get there, don't worry.

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    my skin is so soft but so not worth it. I think I'm going to stick with the corn huskers lotion.

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    Raelynn - I had an apparent gain with baby oil too. Used Corn Huskers for a bit - but even that seemed to slow me down. UGH! I guess I'm just one of the lucky ones. I have used Vaseline petroleum jelly on a few very rough spots. That has seemed to be okay. My skin is sort of taking a beating because we live in a pretty cold, dry climate (Wisc.) Can't wait to pamper myself with lots of lotion on P3! :-)

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    okay I'll watch the cornhuskers too. I guess it's just dry skin until P3. I'm in Utah, very dry desert area, so lots of dry skin too.

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    I know coconut oil is not on the protocol,but a lot of people eat it with no trouble. It can be used as a moisturzier as well. In fact I've been using it as a lip gloss & is really nice.

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    Really! That's interesting. I might have to try that one on my lips.

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    Yup, its light & not super greasy feeling & gives your lips a really nice shine. I put some in an old burts bees container & carry it with me.

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    I use nutrogena oil free lotion. It works great, and I have had no problems using it. I'll have to try coconut oil. I heard that also works.

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