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Thread: Bananas & Hummus

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    Can you eat bananas and hummus in P3?

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    Just saw a hummus recipe on the other thread. Still wondering about bananas.

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    lol funny combo. well some ppl eat bananas but its a very sweet fruit so u have to be careful. try it and see what happens but maybe hold off on that until at least the second week of P3.
    "For the following 3 weeks, all foods allowed except starch and sugar in any form (careful with very sweet fruit)."

    about the hummus, hummus is mostly made up of chickpeas and tahini paste. it has a lot of carbs. i dont think u should have that in p3....
    just look at the nutritional info.

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    Actually, hummus is primarily made with chickpeas, not garbanzo beans. Chickpeas are starchy, so traditional hummus is not recommended for P3. However, there are alterations out there that use P3 friendly veggies. You can search this forum or elsewhere.

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    chickpeas are garbanzo beans. i edited my post because chickpeas is the english name

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    Dude. I didn't know that! Learn something new every day. haha

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    yup, they have many names. a funny one in spanish is "culitos". culitos means small butts ;x
    lol cuz they look like tiny butts dont they?

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    You can make my cauliflower hummus I posted the recipe for in P3 - just do a search and then in P4 can make the real thing - I just made some last night - love the stuff!

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    I didn't add bananas until week three of P3. They are super sweet but I love them. :-( and you all are right, no hummus. :-(
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    i can have bananas on p2!?
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