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Thread: Basic questions

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    Basic questions

    First, I think it's made very clear that P3 start 48 hours (for hHCG) after last drops, but when are the 40 days over? Do you include the gorge days?

    Second on that note: do you count your total loss from pre or post gorge?

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    I would like to ask if anyone knows where I can buy the same RX HCG that I used to by from escrowrefills.com? Apparently they are no longer in business. I don't do injections but I used to buy the vials from them and mix it myself for sublingual use. Thanks to anyone who can help me.

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    Amber, the round begins the day you take your first dose. You must do a minimum of 23 days of dosing and a maximum of 40 days of dosing. People who take injections usually skip one shot a week so their 40-day round tends to actually be longer than 40 days. So, for homeopathic people who don't skip any days of taking hhcg, you start counting your first load day as day one. You can then take the hhcg for up to 40 days. After taking it for 40 days (if you want your round to be that long), you stop taking the hhcg but continue the very low calorie diet for 48 more hours after your last dose of hhcg. It's 72 hours for prescription people.

    Technically, you count your total loss from your post-load weight. I personally, tend to count from my pre-load weight.

    Cathy, I sent you a PM.

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