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Thread: Are We Becoming Sensitive to Foods That We Haven't Eaten in Awhile?

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    I just want to throw this out there & get some feedback concerning the food allergies/sensitivities that folks are having with dairy, wheat, eggs, etc. I don't think that I'm sensitive to another types of food, but could we become that way because we go for 6 weeks + without it and the P3/P4 comes and I start adding those items back in again?

    Just a thought


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    In my non medical opinion, that makes perfect sense. That's why I am very careful not to skip my fruits or my melba (actually I substitute bran for melba) even if I'm not losing as much as I would like. I also do the 1 egg/2 egg white omelette at least twice a week. I've never had any food sensitivities and I don't want to get any.

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    Yes, there has been a bit of discussion about those that have become carb sensitive b/c they have been on the protocol for a long period of time. I have my own way of combating that and somehow I have become a rougie. LOL

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    My non-HCG experience years ago was just the opposite. I had several delayed food allergies identified on an Elisa assay. After eliminating those foods for 90 days, the allergies "converted" and I am no longer sensitive to those foods--proven by a follow-up assay. I would think we are more prone to developing food sensitivities from the foods we are eating on a daily basis in P2 via overexposure rather than not eating something for a long period of time.

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    No, it's the opposite. When you eat them every day, particularly gluten, you weaken your immune system and your mast cells get low in numbers.

    When you stop eating those foods your immune system has an opportunity to build back up in strength and in nmbers of mast cells, histamine, etc.

    So when it's all good and beefed up and you reintroduce that food, WHAM, you get socked with a huge response. You only get that response if your sensitive to that food in the first place. It means you have been sensitive to it all along, but your system was too depleted to register a reaction. What you get instead is chronic, niggling maladies, like joint pain, respiratory issues, skin isses (eczema, psoriasis), asthma, mood issues, insomnia, increased risk for autoimmune disease, and so on and so on.

    No offense, but your theory is wishful thinking and contrary to solid evidence. It would be to your advantage to skip wheat and eggs on P2 and learn whether those foods are robbing you of immune health. Unless you are more concerned with being able to eat what you want, which truly some people are.

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    adipoze and beestly are right on. many people are sensitive to many foods, but don't realize it. i test sensitive to many things i can eat without a noticeable "reaction". the treatment is generally to eliminate those foods for 3-6 mo (depending upon how sensitive you are) and then slowly add back small portions of them.

    so when you're on P2, you're eliminating those foods- and setting up a food challenge when you eat them again. not eating them won't "cause" a reaction- you had it all along, and this just lets you know it.

    for people who eat a limited diet, you tend to become sensitive to foods you eat a lot of- so it's to your benefit to mix it up as much as you can, in any phase.
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    And I might also add that perhaps these aren't "new" allergies or sensitivities when you get into P3/P4. I experienced unintentional weight loss during those 90 days. I didn't even know I was allergic to these foods. Allergens cause an immune response which causes inflammation throughout the body, thus weight gain. There could be a strong possibility that some of you aren't even aware of existing food allergens/sensitivites prior to the protocol, and then you go through the "elimination process" while on P2, reintroduce the foods in P3/P4, and feel an obvious response.

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    Oopss...Great minds think alike? :-P

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    LOL. Estimates for gluten intolerance are really high and a lot of people are intolerant and just don't know it bc they never go long enough without eating it.

    If you get rid of some primary intolerances, like gluten, which tear up your gut, then you usually can reintroduce other foods you were also allergic to. But gluten weakens the intestinal villi, even in people who aren't intolerant, so that large particles of foods can get through into the bloodstream and the immune system recognizes them as foregin invaders. That's when you get an immune response.

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    I'm one of the ones that had unknown intolerances. Wheat and White Rice. I gain minimum 2 pounds each time I eat them. As a result of eating these unknown sensitivies, I have a dying thyroid and 3 autoimmune diseases. I am very glad that I have discovered these intolerances because one of my autoimmune diseases is Alapecia...yes, the baldness disease. I would prefer, as a 6 foot woman, to not be any more freakish than my height!
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    thank you kindly for all your responces, I was afraid that I'd "get the allergies" once I re-introduced items back into my diet that I might not want to give up, ie- dairy, eggs, & wheat. In my 1st two rounds the only thing that I noticed in adding back in was sugar or white products- that I ALWAYS put on weight. I thought it was from not eating those items for a few months. I don't want to really add back in the sugar or white products but I'd like to keep the other stuff.


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    Almost anything you find yourself intolerant to there is an alternative for. So even if you intolerant to certain things...there are ways you can adjust. Frankly...my quality of life is going to be much better after all of this is over.
    Jeremiah 29:11 Blessings, Lisa

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