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Thread: Are We Becoming Sensitive to Foods That We Haven't Eaten in Awhile?

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    Maybe I misunderstood. I was thinking about those who have issues adding thing in b/c they have gone so long with out them and the body goes into shock when it added back, i.e. sugar. When the body goes, what the heck it this crap!!!

    You guys talking about those who had sensitivities all along but didn't know. I know some people find out they are sensitive to wheat, eggs, and nuts when they reintroduce them. Unfortunately, I am one of those people. I never realized that eggs were an issue for me until I tried them on my first P3. Now, I have to add them later and with enzymes

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    Oh crap, I just re-read your original post and I missed the eggs, wheat, etc. oopsie. They are right and I'm wrong. I don't know how I missed the most important part of your question. Oh, now I remember...my knee. Going to sit in the corner before I say something else crazy or wrong. That is what I get for posting while in pain. I will be nursing my knee in time-out

    Someone pass me some pain pills please!!!

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    Yes this is called a food challenge. After you go without those things for a while, when you reintroduce them, you have an exaggerated response the way Elaine explained. Been there, done that many years ago. :-(
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    After I followed the protocol the first time I had so many changes. My rosasia clear up, dry skin, puffy jowls (nice) and a handful of other stuff. Over the year I tried to be careful putting (mainly dairy) back in. Little by little I returned to my original diet. Im convinced where ever the culprit lies- its in the processed foods. If I stick to real stuff Im looking and feeling better.

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    oh- yes, my rosasia's back...Im back on and re-connecting to my healthy side

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