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Thread: What Kind of Breadstick Can You Have??

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    I was just curious what is allowed.

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    Most of us don't use the breadsticks, but if you choose to use them it is the grissini breadsticks. I got mine at Thom Thumb. Kroger has some but the calories are outrageous. I think you can also order them online.


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    Do you use Melba Toast?? Is there a certain kind of that you can have? What section are the breadsticks in? I've never heard of them and don't have that store here.

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    i eat the melba toast (old london brand, classic). But lately i have not been eating my melba toast portions. I think whole wheat melba toast is also okay.

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    It depends on your store. I've found them both in the spaghetti aisle and the bread isle.


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    they are in almost every grocery store... just ask someone to help you find them.. but yea, like ladysmart said, try the bread section.

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    I called Walmart and they said the cracker isle?? Strange!

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    i didnt mean call them lol. just go to the store and ask someone to help you find them lol. but im sure you will be able to find them yourself. its a pretty common food item.

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    I haven't looked at walmart, but that makes sense



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