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Thread: Back and I brought DH with me this time!!!

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    Back and I brought DH with me this time!!!

    after a fantastic round 3 I jumped back in without care skipped right over P3 (carbs, cookies, candy UGH) and totally regained. So now I'm back. Leaving on a cruise un 2 weeks so already have a planned interruption, had to start because life is just way to busy and I can't continue on this out of control spiral. I figure Ill be on the right track and very motivated headed to the cruise with a few lost pounds prior to hitting the high seas, as opposed to coming home and making more excuse why I can't start yet again.

    So now Hubby is as he put it "taking on the assignment" with me. He however is VERY physically active, he is helping a guy build decks, so my question is should he up his calorie intake to 800-1000. He is afraid of the 500 calorie restriction. same foods just additional protein. we are both looking at the same goal range of about 20#'s

    I loaded 3 days last time but because i'm only doing 11 days before the interruption I thought I'd only load 2 days. I usually do real well with losses in my first 10 days anyway so it will be good motivation (yes I now a lot is water, but this weight has only been back on me since November so hopefully fat will come off quickly like it did from R2 to R3 change. If you think 2 days of loading will be ok?

    Any input will be greatly appreciated.
    Both of us are LD1
    Me R4
    DH R1
    R1 IW 197.6
    R1 P2 LDW 178.6
    -19 lbs. after 33 days total P2
    R1 P3 EW 179.4
    R1 P4 MW 182.4 (up or down +2 or +4 only for 4 months)
    R2 IW 186
    R2 P2 W1 179.5
    R2 P2 W2 175
    R2 P2 W3 LIW 172 (day 23)

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    5 rounds, down 78# and at goal
    11 days is too short of a time to do an interruption. You need a minimum of 23 days before an interruption unfortunately. The calorie count is the same for very active men as it is for anyone. He shouldn't be hungry. But again, neither one of you should be doing only 11 days because basically you're wasting your hcg. 11 days isn't long enough for the hypothalamus to rest.
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