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Thread: Where to buy HCG online?

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    Where to buy HCG online?

    Hi. I'm back again for another round (I hope). COVID isolation eventually did me in :[
    Trying to find where to get injectable HCG online--looks like the only place still offering it is Diet Doc, but when I went to order, the chat person told me the 5000ml (the only one available in my state) is backordered without a projected date.
    Tried all the threads I could find here with no success.
    hcgrx.com seems to be available but it looks like they source internationally and don't ship for a minimum of 10 days anyway.
    Does anyone have any other suggestions?

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    Just an FYI, my friend ordered from DietDoc and the hcg was fulfilled by Hallandale Pharmacy (located in FL), which is the same pharmacy that hcgrx.com used to fulfill Dubbles order, so I do not think they get their hcg from overseas. My friend is located in FL, don’t know if that makes a difference as far as which pharmacy is used for these companies.

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    It seems the ushcgshots.com link directs to nuimagemedical.com.... I am in Florida... who is best suggested. Diet Doc 5k is out of stock

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    I've never had a problem ordering from them. Now, I did have to do the telephone interview with a doc, but it was a formality. Once you talk to them, they get you approved for refills for a year. Did you try calling?

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    Recieved some yesterday hope all works out!

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    Are you sure that all the places you listed are selling a certified product, and not a fake?

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    I've been using totally HCG out of Idaho for 10 years, 6 rounds effective and absoulty consistant. Hemopathic drops...but they work awesome


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