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Thread: Anyone ordered from

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    Anyone ordered from


    Has anyone ordered from How are they? Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by redsun View Post

    Has anyone ordered from How are they? Thanks!
    I've never ordered from them, sorry. Their website is a little misleading though- they go all out to explain about how you can't buy other things- and then act like theirs is totally legal and safe. Obviously it's a person decision for everyone- but the FDA clearly states that it is ILLEGAL to purchase prescription medicine from online "pharmacies" and that it is at their discrection when you order a 3 month or less supply if they will fine you, prosecute or confiscate it.

    The only true 100% legal ways to obtain hCG are:
    (1) With a Rx from YOUR doctor, with whom you've had a face to face office visit with
    (2) Homeopathic hcg patches.

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    bruiseviolet, I'm looking for your opinion on legality. Or you pushing patches like you have done elsewhere on the forum. I don't have an agenda, but seems like you do.

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    I ordered through buyhcg123; order came faster than I expected -- 8 days. They forgot to include one item but replied quickly & took care of it when I emailed them. I found out about him by watching a free video someone linked in a discussion thread on here during my first round.
    Female, age 42, 5'6" - Highest weight: 247.4
    Starting weight 247.4
    Did one good round in 2011 then a bunch of sloppy/experimental/abandoned rounds. Lost 30 pounds, gained 40+ back.
    Call me the poster child for how *not* to do the hcg diet, sigh.

    Target: Disciplined round, 3/3/14 - Rx SubQ ~150 iu w/900 calories
    Tweaks: Ice packs & chilly walks to induce fat thermogenesis

    Goal: 216
    Fantasy goal: Onderland in 2014

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    using them now and working well, down 9 on vlcd 10. no hunger, no bad taste. Have a friend that recommend them to me after her amazing weight loss.
    new year new me! first round Spring 2012 but have since fallen off the wagon. looking for support on this journey

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    I not only order from I have grown to trust them with my friends as well...They are more then helpful in every way possible...My advise is to trust them with all your HCG needs..

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    I have and my order arrived quick. Love Colins videos, and they are also very helpful.
    Highest weight- 256+
    126lbs gone!

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    Thought I'd post my results from Hucog purchased from Colin @ They take credit cards and although the shipping is outrageous at $32, I'd rather not give my credit card to a company outside the US.
    I purchased 5 vials of 5000 IU Hucog. I started 5 rounds over the course of a year and I failed each one after a few days. Not weeks, just days. I have in the past lost weight on the HCG diet, so I know it works. It could be lack of self control on my part, but I was always starving and never felt right on the batch of Hucog. This was not my experience when I did HCG back in 2010.

    I was watching something on counterfeit meds the other day and I wonder if somehow I got a bad batch of Hucog.

    I'm not saying Colin is dishonest or is selling fake stuff. But isn't it possible that a Hucog manufacturer in India is cheating them and us?

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    I bought from a few months ago and my friend about a month ago, great results here, I would totally recommend them. And it is nice to get customer service from two intelligent people from the good old USA like Collin and his wife.

    I would stay away from they are extremely shady and lie.

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    I have spoken with Colin and he is a great guy and awesome resource for the HCG Diet.

    You will also get people actually answering the phone when you call is a huge plus. is sourced from India, but is quality with no complaints. Plus Colin provides a diet plan
    and his own protocols for a successful weight loss experience.

    Learn more about professional medical weight loss at DietDoc

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