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    @amyleigh: I looked it up: All it contains is acetaminophen what is paracetamol when I am right - so any other med on this basis should help too. Have you asked your pharmacist about it?
    I know I can buy several different ones here in Europe. ..

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    What do you guys do to help with bigger losses? Just wondering.....

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    Birgit are you talking about the adult strength liquid tylenol? Like as in sugar content? Or as in I should be able to take anything else acetaminophen and it work the same as well? I just took 2 liquid gel tylenol along with 2 liquid gel advil... the pain is still present. Not sure why the liquid kind worked on me and no other tylenol ever has - maybe because of how quick it got in there?

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    woo hoo! finally back to normal, I had a hell of a 3 days ladies! up and up and up now down!!!
    176.4!!!! I went all the way back of to 178.4 what was that about, NO CHEATING which really confused me and my doc!

    Anyhow back to normal and lost the 2lbishness I gained, my 175.0 is right on the tip of my tongue, just like a twinkie on a string!!!

    hopefully Friday I can announce a full 175.0!! So excited , sounds like everyone is doing well , keep up the good losses, and dont get frustrated right, this is the easiest diet ever!!!


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    If I'm not very much better tomorrow I'm going to the doctor. I'm in pain tonight. Thanks for the advice.

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    Raelynn: Long time ago I had that: Then looots of chamomilla tea and hot baths would help me!
    but: If it does not get better you better go to the doctor - nothing to fool around with!
    Get well soon!

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    Ok Ladies,
    I'm done having this diet screw with me. I gained 2 after Superbowl @ 243.5 today I am 243.5,this is
    not speedo material yet. I need all the tips I can get from all you hot,skinny babes. I only cheated a hair
    on superbowl but other than that I have never went away from diet.
    10 - apple/toast
    12 - turkey/salad
    3 - apple/toast
    5 - chicken/veggie (sald or celery sometimes broc.and cali)
    spray at 5:30 am and around 9 pm lots of water,some green tea w/truvia,coffee black
    I use a lot of hot suace or yellow mustard
    That's it!! Any tips,I know 30lbs in 4 weeks is good but I seemed to be stuck.

    I'm still positive but I want to hit my goal of 40 by 2/27/10 - skinnier Joey is more fun than fat Joey
    You gals are great any tips let me know. Your stories and seeing how excited you girls are and how much
    more confident you sound keeps me going. Also my wife has hit the 50lb mark on her second round,I see
    a whole new girl and attitude(Joey is going to have to start to make it 5 minutes now,lol).
    I hope you all feel positive,because this diet is not easy and you should be proud of yourself everyday
    you do it!
    Show me love ladies, I need to get in the 220's and I will send you all my poster(I my have to airbrush a
    few things,lol) in the speedo. More stories, more advise
    Joey J.

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    oh the smell of victory! I an 175.6 today!! that was my first major victory woo hoo!!

    loading 193.4
    day 24 lvcd 175.6

    That is about 19 lbs my lovey melting friends, I say that because my friend at work came in yesterday and said I was melting away " Melting " !!! Muah, noooo lol

    OH yes me not the hopelessly addicted to food me anymore, Yay! I had a rough weekend having such a terrible stall but Ithink things are back on track!!! No more chubby bride forme , skinny hot bride!!! woo hoo! ok

    Now to focus on 165 next big goal and then I have to be diligent on getting a wedding dress yikes!!!

    Goodluck my firends!!! Remember " nothing taste as good as being thin!!!"

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    Ok...I said I was coming back in full force..........DOWN 5.6 lbs today!!! Hallelujah!!! I weighed myself 6 times!

    Here is my yesterday plan (maybe try this Joey to break thru.....it has a bit of Rogue in it tho)

    Protein shake for breakfast (not protocal)
    apple around 10 am & 2 light string cheese (chz NOT on protocal)
    chicken & lettuce for lunch with walden farms 1000 island
    orange around 2:00 pm
    beef jerkey 5 pm & 2 light string chz @ 7 pm (BOTH NOT ON PROTOCAL)
    2 gallons of tea

    ****I am not encouraging anyone to go against protocal but this worked for me (this time)***

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    HOLY CRAP HOLLY!!!!!!!! =O You had TWO GALLONS OF TEA???? haha! MY GOSH 5.6 lbs down WHOA!!!!

    R2P2VLCD23 here. STILL at 135. Scale has moved like .2 in the last four days! Don't get it. I want 5.6 lbs down! that's AMAZING!

    Joey - my advice is "Rogue" as well.. my best losses came from the spinach omelet, an extra lean ground beef patty cooked in the GF (about 5 oz) with mustard and ketchup & tomato, and the famous protein shake.

    I think my body LOVES 135. I'm going to go ahead and make that my LIW. I don't think I'm moving lol!

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    I know Amy...I almost shat........well, if I did that I might've pulled a 6 or better...lol

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    You are not supposed to have the fruit and toast at the same time, I think....why do I remember that? Also, sometimes we hit small stalls and then see large losses so hang in there. 30 pounds in 28 days is still over a pound a day which is typical for men (not so much for us ladies--pooh). Also, turkey is not on the orignal Dr. S list of meats. GOOD LUCK!

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