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Thread: Has Anyone Ordered From Celeste Pure HCG?

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    I am just wondering if I messed up or not... I have done 26days with I did AWSOME!! I lost 18 ilbs & had hit a 4 day stall which was self inflicted. When I ordered from them they sent me a GREAT booklet of information and very spacific directions. I was taking .35 Drops 3 times a day.. NOW I ordered from Celeste Pure & I am scared after receiving it. It is NOT specific as to WHEN to do the drops through out the day. all it says is 6 times a day 6 drops at a time & keep refrigerated. NOW when I did 3 times a day you couldnt eat or drink 15 min before or after drops This one has NO direction.. I am nervous that I make have gotten scammed and should have stuch with what I know works Today is day 1 "loading day" so I dont know yet.. ANYWAYS... Anyone know anything about that web site?

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    I am not familiar with their product. But I was put off by their site. They spend a great deal of time trying to convince people not to buy from someone else. I also called them some time ago when someone else asked about them. Their answers were vague, misleading and on occasion untrue.

    They make several statements which just are not true. One example is that you MUST take B-12 on any hcg diet. Not true. Beneficial, yes, but not a must.

    My daughter nor I took it at all. I lost 26 lbs, she lost 32. We did great.

    With ANY Homeopathic, (and yes celeste is homepathic though they dont say that very clearly, only after clicking through several pages), you must not eat or drink 15 minutes before or after taking. I have 25 years experience with homeopathy. Also, it is best to 'activate' it. Smack the bottle against the palm of your hand a few times before taking.

    You can try it 6 times a day, space it out as evenly as possible, or try it the way you did before. As long as the total daily dosing is about the same it should be fine.

    You will know soon enough if it is potent or not. Hope it works out for you.

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    Oh, and they also advertise under another webpage where they claim that homeopathy is fake, but they offer it to their customers that want it. It made no sense.

    They also wouldnt or couldnt tell me what the 'organic germanium sesquioxide' was or what it ws suppose to do.

    Sorry, I truly do hope the Drops work. Please let us know.

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    do the drop need to be refrigerated for max effectiveness? The lady who sold to me said to keep in a dry cool spot, out of sunlight, microwave, computer areas. Nothing about refrig.


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    Ok. I've been using them and just starting my 2nd round.. I3,600IUs and I did research it and called her. It is supposed to be 20 gtts a day to be divided 2x,3x,4x daily.I find that on this round I need to do 7 gtts 3x daily. I was not hungry. I have no problem with it. I lost 24# on r1 and 7# so far on day 4 of vlcd r2. I plan on ordering from celeste again..hope this helps. And they do need to be refridgerated

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    I would follow the manufactures suggestion on storage since some Homeopathic remedies do have to be kept refridgerated and some do not depending on how it was developed.

    Scooby, its good to hear that someone is using the Drops and they work. Thats good news. Dont want anyone to lose any money. Still dont like their sale practices though.

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    That was kind of the way I felt about their sales tactics too The web site felt shady to me too... you're kidding--- are they REALLY selling Homeopathic after posting huge ads everywhere about homeopathy being a scam? Can they really even understand what they are selling? Glad those who have bought them there are doing okay at least.

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    anyone using celeste's hcg willing to tell me what they paid..I see discreptancies in size and price between their 2 sites

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    56.00 I think, for 2's been a bit of time ago, though...I'm loosing. They are cheaper than, but I think I like a bit better, for the product is more portable,and doesn't have to be refrigerated.
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    Okay, I just found out about this hcg diet. My husband and I are really interested in trying it. I was pointed in the direction of Celeste's pure Hcg from my friend who her husband was directed to it by his physician. (Geee I hope that makes sense) Anyway, are all of you taking this doing it on your own without consent from your physician? I am wondering if I should be seeing a Dr. for this but I would rather not if I don't have to. From everything that I have read you need to follow a strict protcol for it to work effectively with no side effects. Where can I get this protocol - like how much you need to take what I can and can not eat...etc.

    I was considering using Celeste's just because a Dr. prescribed it to my friends husband and because if you purchased the package it came with everything you supposedly needed. I also was concerned with the 'organic germanium sesquioxide' and googled it and am leary about it.

    If anyone out here can give me any insights that would be soooo appreciative and if you have a better supplier that is actually working for you please let me know that as well.

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