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Thread: I Cheated Big Time on My Diet. Now What Happens?

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    I was doing so great on my diet. I lost a good amount of weight and I am very close to where I wanna be. Well, today was Easter, I am a big chocolate fan and I've already been having huge cravings and I couldnt hold back any longer. I didn't just cheat, I binged like I've never binged! I ate days worth of food and candy. I'm so upset and nervous. I feel like i lost everything i worked to hard for.
    My question is, what happens now? I dont want to stop my diet. Do i just keep going and expect a huge stall in losing weight for a while? Will the Drops start working again for me?

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    You don't have to stop the diet. You might stall for some days but you'll keep losing weight if you continue.

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    Thanks so much. I am really new to this. Thanks for replying. This website is pretty awesome!

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    what phase are you on? i never cheated on phase 2 but i cheated big time one day on Phase 3, so bad i puked it was so ridiculous! i only gained 2 pounds which really surprised me! you will probably gain, then stall from what ive heard and read. all you can do is get back on the wagon. its a really tough diet dont beat yourself up and DON'T get stressed out it only makes things worse.. take a few deep breathes breathing through your nose and drink a BIG cup of this mixture of tea : yerba mate, green tea, and dandelion root. it has helped me SO MUCH! and drink lots of water from now on so you can kinda get rid of it. something else i suggest is drinking some chocolate Smooth Move tea to detox a little. hope this helps!

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    Ok starting tommorrow eat clean and drink lots and lots. You might have lost a couple/few days, but you can and will loose.
    I'm Not Done, Still Going Strong!

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    I did too. 2nd time. The first caused a 9 day stall, today was worse

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    Angela and Ivie,

    I'm with you guys <head hung in shame> -- I can't believe I did what I did... Easter, mom's great home-cooking... and now I'm so full I could cry!! I know I will pay for this, I just wonder how severely... we must just heed ladyrider's advice and drink tons of water to flush it out, I don't even know if I will get on the scales tomorrow, I'm scared!! Tomorrow is a new day and we just have to go back on it and follow to a T.....

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    Don't aren't the 1st & not the last to have a 'moment of weakness'. Just step on the scales tomorrow determined to turn it back around! I'm with ladyrider...........drink,drink, drink!!!

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    I recommend a double Smooth Move or laxative tea ASAP! You may visit the ladies room a bit too much, but it will at least clean out the system. I have had small cheats and the laxative tea has always helped get back on track. (May not be protocol but has really helped me!)

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    Mee tooo. I think I must have eaten 100 tortilla chips. I was doing so well. Darn. I finally got into the 150's (158) I wonder if I will be back up to the 160's tomorrow. That stinks! Hey we had a big earthquake today! Do you think I could blame it on that? No, I didn't think so. I'm so ashamed.

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