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Thread: CHEATING on HCG---(PHASE 2)

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    Hi everyone,

    I have been extra craving and hungry today for some reason could it be that I have eaten something that has caused me to crave more foods or is just normal the first week of phase 2 to be hungry?

    Please tell me if I've done something wrong.

    Today I woke up injected 200iu into my thigh of sodium chloride mix.
    Drank lots of water,
    Drank Yerba Mate tea,

    At 10:00 a.m. I had a melba toast.
    It made me hungry
    At 10:30 I had an apple dipping in apple cider vinegar
    At 12:00 I had 110 grams of chicken breast, lots of ogranic spices, 1/4 of an onion chopped and cooked with the chicken, sea salt.

    I placed the chicken and onions on top of green salad mix close to a hand full with about 5 small added slices of cucumbers.
    I squeezed a half lemon and added it to some apple cider vinegar with a little Stevia and poured that over the chicken and greens.

    There was just a little chicken broth left over since I cooked the chicken in a pan with a ittle mineral water so basically quickly boiled it until cooked.
    I drank the chicken broth mostly had extra spices in it for flavor so didn't so much taste like chicken broth but anyway I thought I would add every detail so you would all know and could see if I'm doing something wrong.

    After eating, I should have felt full but I felt like I was craving and couldn't resist another melba toast so had one.

    Now It's around 1:00 and I am still hungry/craving. I feel like more melba toast or fruit but I have already had 2 melba today and 1 fruit.

    I only have left 100 grams of fish or shrimp and veggies with 1 fruit to go.

    Trying to hold on here, any ideas or did I mess up somehow on something?

    I'm trying to figure out why I feel so hungry and craving, makes me worry that the HCG I got was no good or had a problem in mixing or the solution.

    I really don't know what to think but I wasn't expecting to be this hungry on the 5 the day hoping the HCG would really kick in and take away the hunger.

    Oh my last question is if I do decide to CHEAT what would be the best possible ITEM I should cheat with.

    I realize a crispy creme would be a bad cheating choice or Mcdonalds so what would you do if you HAD TO CHEAT what choice would you make?

    Another 100grams of protein with veggies like a normal meal or an extra fruit or should I just tough it out and keep drinking teas hoping the hunger/cravings go away?

    Thanks so much everyone!

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    You are only to do 100 grams of protein per meal...even 10 grams makes a difference! I didn't eat the toast. Some people say it makes them hungry and mixing your veggies is a NO NO ) But you've read P&I so you know that. If you don't follow it and add stuff it doesn't work and makes you hungry...from my experience. Have you tried flavored Hot tea? When i had the hungries I would drink Pom/Raspberry Stach Tea...About 4 cups LOL and I wasn't hungry any longer. Since it's you first week...expect to be hungry and fight through it!! Stick to it and you'll do great!

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    You ate an extra melba toast.

    You ate 110 grams of chicken - 10 grams more than you should have.

    The protocol says the following: One type of vegetable only to be chosen from the following: spinach, chard, chicory, beet-greens, green salad, tomatoes, celery,fennel, onions, red radishes, cucumbers, asparagus, cabbage - You had onions, green salad and cucumber - that's 3.

    The juice of one lemon daily is allowed for all purposes. Salt, pepper, vinegar, mustard powder, garlic, sweet basil, parsley, thyme, marjoram, etc., may be used for seasoning, but no oil, butter or dressing - Herbs are permitted but spices may not be. You added spices.

    Maybe Your Hcg mix is incorrect or not potent enough but don't spoil the diet now by overeating. Give it a little longer, maybe the hunger will go away.

    Be strong...... you know that you can.

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    Ok I like the advice I'm getting so far, I wasn't aware that I'm not aloud to add spices only herbs. I must have missed that part.

    I thought I read somewhere I could add onions for flavoring,

    Well I know I messed up on the extra 10 grams, my bad.

    I ate 2 melba toast only, I thought we are aloud 2 pieces of melba toast per day?

    Mixing the green lettuce salad with a few pieces of cucumber, spinach, onions was a NO NO. I see that now.

    I put it in the category of mixed green salad since the lettuce, spinach and cucumbers were all green. Need to correct that.

    Wow I should have known better, I really can't wait until I get the recipe book and another book with better details to help me through all this.

    It's so easy to mess up and add the wrong thing to a salad or when cooking meat.

    I guess I just have to tough it out for today. Should I cut the melba toast out completely or just have 1 piece a day instead of 2?

    Appreciate the support and help!

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    I would cut the mebla toast out, but you are allowed one with lunch and one with dinner if you wish not at the same time. You are allowed one protein (100 grams raw weight); one fruit and one veggies at lunch and one protein (100 grams raw weight); one fruit and one veggie at dinner. If you need you can eat half your fruit in the morning and save the other half to eat with your lunch. You can also do the same with the afternoon fruit if needed. If you get real hunger, heat up some of your chicken broth (just broth) and sip on it throughout the day or when you are hungry.

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    Terry do you mean heat up the chicken broth I would normally get from my 100grams of chicken at dinner?

    So basically cook up the chicken early for dinner to get broth then save the chicken and drink that broth?

    I might do that now if it's what you meant along with a half piece of grapefruit.


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    Well I just reviewed Dr. Tru's book and he states that hunger pains will last no longer than 5-7 days so maybe this is just expected but I have ate more than I should have and messed up so that could have triggered the extra hunger.

    A soft drink or Crystal lite would be nice right about now.

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    I was hungry the first week. It got a lot better!

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    Are you getting in all your water, Kristen? that makes a huge difference! Hopefully it will get better very soon. I didn't have any hunger other than when my hcg was getting old but yours is fresh. It might be cravings instead of real hunger. I did crave some carbs but I recognized it as cravings and not real hunger.
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    yesman, when I got really hungry on p2, I drank some "broth in a box", sugar free, preservative free, etc. It helped me with the hungries. Also, I agree that you will be hungry the first 5 to 7 days and you just need to gut it out. It will get better. Get out of the house and get your mind off it...that helped me. Hang in will get better. Remember that cheating just leads to further really doesn't help you feel any better in the long run.
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