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Thread: Close to finishing 1st round, should I go for another?

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    Close to finishing 1st round, should I go for another?

    I'm so glad I found this community! I feel like I've been all alone on this journey so far. I'm on the 500 cal protocol. I've been true to it, and have lost 16 lbs. It really hasn't been too much of a problem so far. I've been a social hermit, though, in the evenings. Declined any social function where there would be food. So, I'm about to finish my first bottle of drops. I'd really hoped to lose 35 lbs, and this is the only diet that's worked for me so far. I tell my friends it's kinda like bootcamp. Pretty rigid, but results! The problem is, I'm disappointed I've only dropped 16 lbs, and mentally, I'm getting tired of it. I mean, last night I had steamed brussels sprouts with grilled tilapia, and realized later that I'd cheated b/c of the sprouts! I didn't realize they weren't on the food list! If I'm going to cheat, let me have something wonderful!! Has anyone hit this point before, and if so, how did you handle it?

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    Congratulations on losing 16 pounds! That's great! I don't know that I would worry too much about the Brussels sprouts, as they are quite similar to cabbage. In fact, they actually have double the protein and half the sugar of cabbage, but on the downside, they do have a third more calories. So unless you ate a couple pounds of them, I doubt you've done yourself harm. And you don't have to be a social hermit. Do you like grilled steak? Roast beef? Most functions that I've been to that have food have one of those two, if not both. A dry salad (or add a little lemon juice) or grilled asparagus completes the meal if you are eating at a restaurant. For those walk-around social functions where "beverages" are the main fare, order a whiskey glass of water and ice with a slice of lemon and you're set. I'm a big steak eater and can eat it every single day (and have!), so I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything in the least. What is missing, though, is 15 pounds from my body in just 12 short days. Oh Yeah!


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