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    Just started phase3 and I am wondering about sugar. It seems like everything has sugar in it. What salad dressings can we have? what about ketchup? What type of cottage cheese and milk should we have? Feel complusive about this. Dont want to blow it because I am not sure what sugar is. I know the obvious answers its the not so obvious ones.

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    winnie- i did not worry about the not-so-obvious ones. i ate all salad dressings, ham, bacon, etc. if it is something highly processed then (like a maple ham) i'd try to be aware of the added sugar, but for the most part i wouldn't worry. stick to low-sugar fruits for the first week or so, then start to re-introduce others. but i believe Dr. was referring to the obvious stuff, in his statement.
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    If you follow mamaclok on youtube, she's lost mega weight and totally stayed off ALL sugar while on P3... she was very careful to read labels etc, she absolutely would not eat something if it contained any sugar what-so-ever.... (besides what was in her fruit) I tried to go her route while on P3 and only strayed a little when I was in a bind eating out a couple of times. I think its up to you and what you think would be best for you...

    If you do get into reading labels, you might want to look up all the different names sugar can come under.... there are many, many alternate names for sugar when reading labels.

    One last thing.... salad dressing is super easy to make with some olive oil, vinegar (you can try red wine vinegar, apple cider vinegar or any other flavoured vinegar), and spices... then you don't get all the food additives and sugar they put in the store bought stuff.

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    Don't eat anything with added sugar. That includes sugar, corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup...etc and there are a lot of things that are high fructose corn syrup with diff names...I can't remember exactly but it's things live evaporated cane juice...yada yada. You shouldn't have things like ketchup, bbq sauce, and stuff because it has added sugar in it

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    I just googled 'alternate names for sugar' and this is what I found... a little much but I'm going to try and memorize some of them:

    1. Barley Malt
    2. Beet Sugar
    3. Brown Sugar
    4. Buttered Syrup
    5. Cane-Juice crystals
    6. Cane Sugar
    7. Caramel
    8. Corn Syrup
    9. Corn-Syrup Solids
    10. Date Sugar
    11. Dextran
    12. Dextrose
    13. Diastase
    14. Diastatic Malt
    15. Ethyl Maltol
    16. Evaporated Cane Juice
    17. Fructose
    18. Fruit Juice
    19. Fruit-Juice Concentrate
    20. Glucose
    21. Glucose Solids
    22. Golden Sugar
    23. Golden Syrup
    24. Grape Sugar
    25. High-Fructose Corn Syrup
    26. Honey
    27. Invert Sugar
    28. Lactose
    29. Malt Syrup
    30. Maltodextrin
    31. Maltose
    32. Mannitol
    33. Molasses
    34. Raw Sugar
    35. Refinerís Syrup
    36. Sorbitol
    37. Sorghum Syrup
    38. Sucrose
    39. Turbinado Sugar
    40. Yellow Sugar
    So, whatís in a name?
    In a word: SUGAR!

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    Three words: what the bleep!!!!!!! talk about alternative names, my God!!!!
    thanks for the heads up!!

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    What about agave nectar? I have an amazing ketchup (that I always used) that has agave nectar...and you can use it to sweeten up stuff. Just curious.

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    I found some unsweetened ketchup at the Health Food store.

    But I'm confused when it comes to reading labels. I find products with no sugar (or any of those tricky alternate names for sugar) listed in the ingredients, but the nutrition label will read 22g for Sugars per serving...does this mean I should stay away? We buy the Simply Orange juice at my house and this is something that falls in this category. I was reading the label for a Bolthouse Farm beverage, Perfectly Protein Mocha Cappuchino, and again there was no sugar listed in the ingrediants but the nutrition label said 28g of Sugars per serving!?! I was sooo hoping I found something that would indulge my cappuchino cravings.

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    Agave nectar is also a no no in P3. Stevia is your best bet for a sweetener. Some use Splenda but there are greater health concerns with it. Be sure to keep the fruits in your p3. Many have been removing that from their diet in P3 thinking Dr. S. included that in his 'no sugar or starches' comment. He did not. Many that have done this have become even more carb sensitive instead of less. So...beware. Keep the fruits in that you ate in P2 and then slowly add others with a slightly higher glycemic index. Avoid the very sweet ones though till you get to P4. Do a Google Search for glycemic index of foods and you will get a lot of info.


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    If only people knew what Splenda really was........... I've used it in the past, but after I learned what it really was.....never will I ever bring it into my house again......please watch this video on youtube (i know i tell you to watch a lot of vids - but they're helpful) type this in "The Truth about Splenda/Sucralose! " Let me know what you think!

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