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Thread: Constant stalling and water retention

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    Quote Originally Posted by crezman View Post
    How do you know how much sodium you should have? And what do you mean that we don't know our water levels?

    I tried the 1 tsp salt this AM, will keep you posted. I'm putting on water like no one's business right now. We've had the hottest two days all year up here (hot for us) and am still on that slow creep from eating too much sodium my body has just clung on to. I hope to get this worked out, this just sucks.
    #1 I use a naturopath for diagnosis. She uses kinesiology to determine most of my testing results. she was the one who told me last year i needed to up my sodium intake.

    #2 without a Dexa scan we cannot know our fat/lean/water levels ie we dont know how much of what we have. Water is very very dynamic. a loss of fat requires an influx of water until cell death removs teh empty fat cell. Increase in muscle strength requires an additional uptake of glucose which necessarily requires an increase of stored water to hold the molecule. inflamation is additional fluid to house the chemicals that are causing the inflamation. On a daily basis there is no way to know short of repeated clinical testing what your current water levels are.

    #3. if you are taking on water and can rule out muscle gains then it is inflamation for some reason or another, or as we havee already discussed your body trying to keep you live as you express sodium through your pores in sweat.
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    Quote Originally Posted by quelsen View Post
    On this topic you have to go deep and fit the peices together yourself. Much like you cannot find solid information on adipose tissue. i mean do a search on fat and all you get is consmetic discussions. Try to find out the structure of an adipose ceel and you are SOL.


    these are some of the articles i researched. much of the time just keep digging, but i am a poor documentor i shoud note down all my sources.
    Thanks for answering. Pursuing ND appointments this morning. I think this is all above my head. In the mean time, I've gained a pound in two days, over our hottest days of the year--which was hot for us. I can do 85 in Arizona and feel great. 85 in the Pacific NW sucks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by quelsen View Post
    first is the water pill RX ? if so do you have a sodium disorder ( listed below )

    Assuming you dont ( it isnt likely ) then why are you taking the water pill. My strong suggestion is to stop taking it.

    two factors at play here
    #1 you may not know how much water you should have in your body
    #2 you are restricting salt

    Dr S states

    I have also learned that unless you have a disorder involving dosium the body will protect itself from a lack of sodium by retaining water and that it iwll protect itself from an overage of sodium by excreting water.

    too little salt and you die by your brain stem collapsing, it is very quick and painless though. <shrug>

    too little salt can cause pernicous edema as the body strives to protect itself from death.

    I am suggesting here that you eat more salt and stop the pill ( assuming you are not really ill )
    then you will have to see what your normal water volume is. try drinking 1 glass of water with a teaspoon of salt inteh moring for 1 week. that should settle out your water levels ( yeah it is not pleasant tasting ).

    ************************************* any of the following ************************ ( this is a shortened list from http://www.kidneyatlas.org/book1/ADK1_02.pdf page 2.12
    Primary renal sodium retention (with hypertension but without edema)
    Hyperaldosteronism (Conn’s syndrome)
    Cushing’s syndrome
    Inherited hypertension (Liddle’s syndrome, glucocorticoid remediable hyperaldosteronism,
    pseudohypoaldosteronism Type II, others)
    Renal failure
    Nephrotic syndrome (mixed disorder)
    Secondary renal sodium retention
    Cirrhosis with ascites
    Constrictive pericarditis
    Valvular heart disease with congestive heart failure
    Severe pulmonary disease
    Peripheral vasodilation
    Drugs: minoxidil, diazoxide, calcium channel blockers (?)
    Allergic reactions, including certain forms of angioedema
    Interleukin-2 therapy
    Sequestration of fluid (“3rd spacing,” urine sodium concentration low)


    Extrarenal losses (urine sodium concentration low)
    Nasogastric or small bowel aspiration
    Intestinal fistulae or ostomies
    Adrenal insufficiency
    Extensive dermatologic lesions
    Cystic fibrosis
    Pulmonary bronchorrhea
    Drainage of large pleural effusion
    Renal losses (urine sodium concentration normal or elevated)
    Solute diuresis (glucose, bicarbonate, urea, mannitol, dextran, contrast dye)
    Selective aldosterone deficiency
    Diuretic phase of oliguric acute renal failure
    Postobstructive diuresis
    Nonoliguric acute renal failure
    Salt-wasting nephropathy
    Medullary cystic disease
    Tubulointerstitial disease
    Finally broke down and tried the 1 tsp of water and it's worked, the first day dropped 1.8lbs and then next, 1lb. There's still one more pound in there but it's reversed a trend that I haven't been able to reverse close to a month.

    I also cut back on my water, with my pee remaining clear and I'm pretty certain I was drinking too much. I've been going off how I feel and the consistency of my output and this morning even was a little darker but still in the yellowish realm. So maybe I was putting this system out of balance without even knowing it!

    I also stopped the eggs. I suspect eggs are a problem for me and I'm starting to suspect that healthy whole non processed carbohydrates (not sugar, unless it's fruit) are not a problem for me. Still going to the Naturopath. I'm more convinced now than ever that something is wrong with me or out of balance and that's what is causing the obesity, or road to it because I know I helped it along. But that the problem comes first. Because other wise, I should be fine now. My diet for months has been balanced, my foods have been whole, my calories have been on point, I'm getting HIT and moderate exercise and sodium has been in the FDA approved at least, sodium range of 500mg-1500mg a day and I'm still having a slew of problems I can't solve that otherwise should not be there.

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    Just another update: after doing 1tsp of salt for 2-3 days (which is like 2300g of sodium), this week the water retention has slowly reversed. I'm now back to 172.8 which was the base I stabilized at for weeks before I had that blow up meal that completely threw my body off balance.

    It came off like this: 175.8, 174, 173, 174.2, 173, 173.2, and today 172.8.

    Again, I also cut back on the water drinking according to output and stayed away from the eggs and a certain cheese and I'm back in balance. It must be a trifecta for me of eggs, which I'm probably allergic to; 1000 more calories than I normally eat and way more sodium--but I'm not sure--that threw me off.

    I have to say, all of this has gotten very interesting for me.

    Also, before I lost the weight, in P2, I was like, "What the heck is wrong with everyone obsessing on 2-3lbs?" And that's somewhat true but two things kick in. Two or three pounds at 218lbs isn't as noticeable as 2-3lbs at 172lbs--it sticks out way more. And it also depends on why I have those 2-3lbs. Do I have them because I overate a few days in a row? Then, that's not as big of a deal because I know what to do to take it back off. But do I have it because of water or an allergy, or I don't know why, and can't take it back off? That's when it becomes stressful because my body isn't reacting to too much food, it's reacting in an allergic form to what I'm eating which is pointing to an underlying problem that is throwing my body off balance and I need to know what that is.

    For me, it's obviously not overeating, especially when a tsp of salt brought me back into my set point range. That's not fat, that's water or inflammation or something that needs to be addressed.

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    Well I'm a dumb ***. Enjoyed one to many cocktails Saturday night and indulged in Wendy's for hangover food on Sunday. That's right a double cheeseburger and fries. Woke up to a three pound gain this morning. So it's a steak day for me. I was stabilizing so well too!!

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    Hey crazycat (me too btw), what did you do to take care of your #2 issues? I'm R1P2 VLCD 14 and I'm already getting discouraged. I was up 3 days in a row and I think I'm doing everything right. I figure it has to be constipation and ... I'm just not #1ing (lol) like I should either.
    My goal for R2. I CAN do this!

    I AM worth it!

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